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Firefighters took photos of liquidation victims

Firefighters in Amsterdam made photos of the resuscitation of Kelvin Maynard (photo), who, after being shot at with his car, hit the fire station on the Langbroekdreef in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. Maynard died shortly thereafter.

Soon after the incident, photos of the victim were circulating at the crime scene on social media. It also showed how emergency services tried to resuscitate Maynard. Because there were no press photographers present at the time, there was soon a suspicion that firefighters had taken the photos. Minister Grapperhaus has now confirmed this to the House of Representatives.


Grapperhaus writes that the Amsterdam-Amstelland Security Region confirms that the photos were taken by ‘one or more firefighters from this region’. The minister expressed his dissatisfaction about this and said that an external agency had started an investigation. Then follow measures.

Familiar from the police

Kelvin Maynard was an acquaintance of the police, the subject of which was not disclosed. Kelvin Maynard played for FC Volendam, FC Antwerp and FC Emmen, among others. This season he played with Alphense Boys in Alphen aan den Rijn. His last clubs were FC Burton Albion, Spakenburg and Quick Boys. Before that he played football abroad.

The liquidations of Kelvin Maynard, Julian Curiel (at the beginning of August in the Bijlmer) and that of Genciel “Genna” Feller (in Curaçao) may be related.


Three liquidations and 400 kilos of cocaine

The liquidations of Kelvin Maynard, Julian Curiel (at the beginning of August in the Bijlmer) and that of Genciel “Genna” Feller (in Curaçao) may be related. The Surinamese-Dutch former professional football player Kelvin Maynard (32), who was liquidated on the Langbroekdreef in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on Wednesday evening, is said to be a friend of “Genna” Feller.

According to those sources, “Genna” would be held (partly) responsible for a ripple party of 400 kilos of cocaine from a Surinamese drug boss. Kelvin Maynard (who played for FC Volendam, FC Emmen and Antwerp FC, among others ) was fired on Wednesday evening when he was driving through the Bijlmer in his car.

Genciel “Genna” Feller

According to sources, Kelvin Maynard is a friend of the recently wound-up Genciel “Genna” Feller (23) in Curaçao . The Surinamese-Dutch Feller was shot dead in Willemstad on 2 September. He is said to be (jointly) held responsible for the rip of a batch of 400 kilos of cocaine from the prominent Surinamese criminal Piet W.who has been convicted of very large-scale cocaine trafficking. In Het Parool, his lawyer calls that story “sheer nonsense.” Whether Maynard was also involved in this is unclear.

‘On holiday’

Feller was also shot in the hometown of 3 to 4 August in his hometown of Almere, after which he was wounded and taken to the hospital. He left for Curaçao not much later. According to a usually reliable source of Crime Sitehe sat there not hiding as speculated, but he was there on vacation with his girlfriend. In the environment, there was already a surprise reaction to the rumor that Feller was hiding in Curaçao, because that is about the worst possible place to go into hiding. The island is small and ‘everyone knows each other’.

On a big foot

According to sources, Feller is said to have been active as a ‘taker’ in the criminal environment. After the theft of a batch of drugs, he would suddenly have lived on great terms. Feller had to go to court in 2017 for three car thefts and an attempted car theft, dangerous driving and leaving the crime scene.


In the Kloekhorststraat in Amsterdam-Zuidoost where family van Feller lives, the day after the liquidation was shot by strangers in the air. It is suspected that these shots were intended as a warning to the family’s address, and are related to ripple coke. In the Bijlmer – also among friends of Feller – there is a fear of more violence because of the ripping party for which ‘the group around Feller’ is held responsible.

Julian Curiel

On August 8, 28-year-old Julian Curiel was shot at flat Hogevecht in the Bijlmer . Different stories are about that. According to an unconfirmed report that was later invalidated, his brother was allegedly involved in a 400-kilo cocaine ripple party. Other sources in the environment previously report to Crimesite that Curiel would have had a fight after taking balloons with laughing gas with others.

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