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St Maarten Women Among Hundreds Still Flying To Venezuela For Dangerous Butt Implants

Hundreds of Trinidad and Tobago citizens are going to Venezuela for cosmetic surgery and according to one doctor, there have been no complications.
Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh had told the Sunday Express that while there are no laws to prevent T& T citizens from flying to neighbouring Venezuela or anywhere else in the world to have breast, butt, liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries done, people have to be careful about the risks that come with procedures.

Dr Luis Fuenmayor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Servicios Mediplan Int which works in partnership with T&T travel company Krystal Tours, told the Express that he agrees that caution must be exercised with any surgery, including cosmetic.

However, the doctor said he wants to clear any confusion for persons who may think his company was not offering top of the line certified procedures.

“We have been doing this for over 18 years now offering surgical services all around the world,” he said via WhatsApp, adding that patients come not only from Trinidad but globally including from Italy, Spain, England, the US and from other Caribbean islands such as Antigua and St Maarten.

He said Servicios Mediplan has offices in Trinidad, Panama, Colombia and Chile.

Fuenmayor said his team has been working with Trinidadian patients since 2014 and has performed surgeries on some 250 patients from this country.

“We haven’t had any type of complications, maybe one or two cases of dissatisfaction after the surgery but that’s the worse that it goes and we’ve always guaranteed our work so people who are unsatisfied with our work can always come back for a revision surgery if we consider it necessary,” he said.

Taboo topic

He said the company also has representatives in Trinidad so when patients return home from Margarita they have access to Trinidadian general surgeons and physical therapists who can work with them.

Fuenmayor said he has direct consultations with patients via WhatsApp and online and he explains in detail what should and should not be done.

He added that though the prices are advertised in US dollars, patients make their payments in TT dollars through Krystal Tours and they travel once they are booked.

“We receive them directly at the airport, it’s an all inclusive system, they are not alone at any moment, we receive them, check on them, we put them in a residential recovery house which is fully equipped with all the services, there’s a caretaker with them 24 hours a day, there’s a hostess to take care of them, all their needs and we offer all ground transportation for them through our drivers and staff,” he said.

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He added that hospital fees, surgery, medication and everything that is required for surgery and recovery are provided.

Fuenmayor said the stay ranges from seven to 12 days.

“People are really satisfied with our services and hopefully it will continue that way,” he said.

He said procedures are not limited to cosmetic as there are other services such as bariatric or weight loss surgery, orthopaedic surgery and more.

“There is some type of taboo with cosmetic surgeries in Trinidad, it is totally different here in Venezuela, people are doing it and are going for it, if they are not satisfied with their bodies and want it change they can get it changed and that’s the interest of cosmetic procedure,” he said.

He said people have to choose their surgeons wisely and ensure they are accredited.

Fuenmayor said he works with a team of eight surgeons who have board certification from not only Venezuela but also in Great Britain, Colombia and in the US.

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