Parking ordinance Reminder during St.Maarten Day activities

Parking ordinance Reminder during St.Maarten Day activities

The St.Maarten’s day festivities is upon us, and with that in mind, the Police Force of St. Maarten would like to refresh the public about the parking ordinances, to ensure the free flow of traffic during all the festivities this upcoming weekend.

The traffic ordinances states that:

It is forbidden to stop vehicles:

-in such a way that it impedes freedom of movement more than necessary or jeopardizes road safety
-on cycle paths, and on footpaths
-on a bridge
-in or near a bend and at or near the highest point of a slope, all this unless the view remains sufficiently clear for other traffic
-at a pedestrian designated crossing point;
-at intersections and junctions of roads within a distance of 5 meters from the intersection of the road side or the extensions thereof.

Fines will be issued to these who are not in compliance.
The Police department is asking the community and visitors alike to keep the Traffic Ordnances in mind as you go out to partake in the many St Maarten’s day activities to be sure it all begins and ends on a high note.

The St. Maarten Police force would like to wish everyone a Happy and safe St.Maarten’s Day. We will continue to do our utmost to protect you, your family and your property during the St.Maarten day celebrations but as always the cooperation of the public is imperative.

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