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Warning: Bonobo Monkey Attacks in South Reward Hill Increasing

The same men who will try to distract from the message by jumping down my throat to defend Stuart Johnson. Maybe they are illiterate. I am a satirist, if you are too dumb to figure out satire dont sit around in your tantan melee group criticizing me. Google what you don’t understand. These tan tans would rather discuss me calling Stuart a queen than discuss pedophile allegations about Stuart, those who defend it are also doing it. I feel if certain humans have not evolved to get humor or satire, maybe they should close their phone and open a book. Then people want to act offended when I say I am surrounded by a tribe of do nothin Bonobo monkeys. The monkeys who sit around drinking all day talking about what you doing wrong, but with all of their years on earth they STILL cannot do right. This man is telling me that he has a monkey infestation problem on his property in South Reward, but he don’t want to hear the truth. Those monkeys on his property because they discovered FAMILY! Don’t tell me about monkeys in your yard. For years they been searching for your monkey ass, and now they found your Bonobo ass.

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