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AI: Breaking News! Judith Roumou owner St Maarten News Network Interviews Bibi Ho Shaw of Saint. Martin News Network

What’s the difference between the St Maarten News Network and SMN News? Here’s an introductory video to explain things better.

Also…please note: Judith Roumou is a Dutch born, multilingual satirical vlogger.

Bibi Ho Shaw showed up from Guyana on a broom, mouth and quarters wide open.

None of my business how she got where and what, but please stop confusing me with that oily, jumped up, grease down snake who needs to be in a more temperate climate, because Guyanese Indians who stay out for long hours in the Caribbean sun, PUNGIN’ MELEE age like ripening bananas in the fridge.

Every few months jumped up Guyanese, street Pokay vendor feels the need to jump on her blog to demand that the police arrest me for doing what she trying to do in MY country… but better.

Material nonsense don’t impress me so you cannot buy me like you buy Bibi Ho…whose REAL NAME is Saliva Shaw. So I will continue with my satire. She can continue taking orders from William Marlin on who to attack and bash. Both William Marlin and Boomsie Boy Kendall Dupersoy more Guyanese than anything else.

So let’s wait for Bibi to jump on her blog with my name in her mouth so that I have someone to fixate on this elections.


This video doesn’t exist

BACKSTORY: Bibi Ho Shaw is the owner of SMNNews. She’s from guyana. She was fucking the chief of police and filed false police reports against me in 2015 saying that I threatened her with a gun. That’s when I went to jail and they killed my animals. Bibi was fucking the Chief of Police Peter de Witte and he had her use her blogs against any local police officer who stepped out of line. If a police stood up to Peter, he would have Bibi attack them on her blog. At the time Bibi and I communicated but I was not aware that she was in bed with the chief. However, if the chief wanted to meet with me it was bibi who would call me to let me know where to meet him. Then the chief started horning her with the Dominicana dancer/hooker from the Princess Casino. The owner of Princess, the Turk was paying the chief with pussy and poker chips. Not only was he hornin’ her ol’ dry up skunt, he let the hookers into his Lowlands home and when he passed out the hookers robbed his safe, his stashed away bribe money, they stole his gun and everything down Lowlands. Then he got the hooker pregnant. Suddenly Bibi started calling me none stop with info about the Chief and the hookers and Natalee Hollaway in Aruba etc etc etc . Of course I listen to the melee, but why am I being given all this dirt when she has her own blog SMN-News? So I eat up the melee and left it there. When Bibi couldn’t use and manipulate me the way she uses those old, dotin’ men, Bibi and my cousin Angelique Romou posted that I was on all kinds of drugs and a prostitute. Funny, considering at the time I was dying of tumors, bleeding on a daily basis and the doctors said I would not survive surgery. So when Bibi and Angelique decided they had the ovaries to smear me with lies…I came out with FACTS! While Bibi was accusing me of drug use because the tumors had me very thin and ill, her oldest son was in DRUG REHAB. That’s how Bibi works. If she or hers is doing evil, they project it onto you. According to her sister, in Guyana Bibi sold fake watches and pokay to finance her trip to St Maarten, where her parasitic, leggobeast ass attached herself to an old man, got French rights and sucked him dry before divorcing him. That’s how Guyanese snakes work. Then Bibi’s niece came to my house in St Peters to let me know that Bibi was allowing the oldest son to ride and sexually abuse the younger ones. Bibi knows this, and rather than cleaning her crotch, She tag teamed with Angelique to post slander about me. So I asked Angelique about her gay shit on dick husband, and I told Bibi before she wanted to start with me she had to get Ramsan her oldest son off the crackpipe and off his younger brother’s asses. That stung Bibi because Bibi knows her niece was staying at her home and walked in on the action. And her niece and sister are right here and they continue to say it to this day. So Bibi could not beat me intellectually, she cannot pull in bigger numbers than me online..NOBODY IN SXM CAN. So Bibi Hodge Shaw LIED. FILED FALSE CHARGES THAT I THREATENED HER WITH A GUN IN MY BAG. THE YOUTUBE VIDEOST SHOW THE POLICE SEARCHING ME TWICE FOR A GUN. NO GUN. THAT DIDN’T WORK SO SHE FILED FALSE CHARGES. THAT BACKFIRED and before I got out of jail the Prosecutor and the lead Detectives WERE FIRED and sent packing back to the Netherlands! But THEY HAD ALREADY KILLED MY ANIMALS BASED ON BIBI HO’s LIES. SO ANYBODY WHO GET IN THE WAY TO DEFEND HER, I WILL TREAT YOU THE SAME. How many foreigners come to St Maarten to destroy US and are propped up by dirty politicians? Fuck Bibi, and Fuck her new sponsor William Marlin. Bibi Ho thinks she can influence and censor us in OUR OWN COUNTRY. And all YOU FOOLS can eat her shit, and swallow it. But I refuse to. We all get the faces we deserve that bitch is in her fifties but don’t look a day under 79. Sarah Wescot Williams look like Bibi Hodge Shaw DAUGHTER. If you got something to SAY to Judith Roumou, bring it! BUT DON’T FUCK WITH ME, AND THEN TELL ME WHAT MY REACTIONS SHOULD BE! No electricity, no roof, no wifi, no ceiling, no food? …NO PROBLEM! I am a BORN ST MAARTEN MONGOOSE! SO BRING ANY GUYANESE SNAKE TO ME AND I WILL LAY WASTE TO IT. Now let me go read my Psalms before I allow negative energy, and seemingly Demonic Guyanese forces to get to my spirit. I know my rights IN MY COUNTRY. IF YOU CAN’T READ THE CONSTITUTION THEN JUMP ON YOUR BROOM BACK TO GUYANA!

Bibi Hodge Shaw, the slack pokay jumped up Guyanese courtesan believes that she has freedom of speech in our country BUT WE DON’T. Bibi told the police I threatened to fight her. I don’t fight. I WRITE! You won’t catch me in the shit puddles with pigs whether they be local, Guyanese, Jamaican or other. I am better than that. God didn’t give me a brain in vain. And God made me the way I am. You arrest me. I in jail mapping out the next attack. On you!Let me go meditate before I say too much.

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