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MP Jacobs submits law amendment to Budget 2019 as last act of Parliament

MP Jacobs submits law amendment to Budget 2019 as last act of Parliament

On Monday, November 18, 2019, Member of Parliament, Silveria Jacobs submitted a law amendment to the Budget 2019. It was her last act of Parliament before taking the oath as Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs on Tuesday.

In Budget 2019, cuts are made on after-school programs amongst other youth programs. The budget also reflected cuts on funds for Community centers and the Youth detention center. This did not sit well with MP Jacobs as she is a firm believer that the youth should be taken care of and offered facilities of a high caliber, in which they can grow and develop their academic skills. Because of this, MP Jacobs was prompted to bring forward a law amendment to the 2019 Budget law.

MP Jacobs’ initiative law proposes changes to the regular service expenditure aimed at increasing funding for the implementation of Youth and Social programs.
She considers it very important that extra funds be made available to have the Community School program at several public schools, where the most vulnerable children and youth are located. As a result of this proposal, there will be more opportunities for these children to have a positive influence after school in a protected environment.
It is her desire that these changes be incorporated into Budget 2020 as well so that much-needed funds can continue to go towards youth-oriented programs and other vulnerable persons in our community who need it most.

In closing, MP Jacobs extended a special thank you to Griffier Garrick Richardson for all of his assistance during the process.

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