st maarten crime

Routine traffic controls over the weekend lead to two arrests

Routine traffic controls over the weekend lead to two arrests

The police stopped and controlled a number of vehicles and issued fines during routine traffic controls held in various locations on the island over the weekend.

During one of these controls in the area of Cole- Bay on Saturday evening November 16th 2019, the police stopped a suspicious white Hyundai H -100 truck which had on a P-number plate as opposed to the V- number plates, which are typically issued for trucks. The driver of the pick-up truck was asked for the valid vehicle information.

Upon closer inspection of the vehicle and documentation, it became apparent that the vin-number of the vehicle was tampered with and all the documentation for the vehicle were falsified.

The driver with the initials O. F-C was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. The pick-up truck was also confiscated.

During a control at a separate location, conducted on Saturday night as well at approximately 08.00 pm, the patrol stopped the driver of a car on Wellington road and asked him to provide valid documentation.

The man with the initials A.D. handed over to the police a driving license and identification card that later proved to be fake. The driver’s license and ID card were also confiscated.

Both drivers were arrested and brought to the police station where they are being held pending further investigation.

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