Sint Maarten

Video Stuart Johnson did everything to get back on the UP party, but settled for UD

Who remembers when Sarah defected from her own DP party, and jumped ship for whatever Theo gave her at the time.

Her party members were stunned, Michael Ferrier wrote his little article, and Stuart had a lot to say about his former leader.

Politicos are saying that Stuart was confident that he had Theo secured in his hip pocket, but Theo is no longer the leader. And the new leader Rolando Brison was one of the few MP’s in Parliament to call out Stuart Johnson who has shown every sign of being a predator.

Using his position of power to demand sex from men. Whether they are gay or straight.

Stuarts photo announcing he was running with Sarah said it all.

He looks so dejected. I believe he is seeing any chance of getting back in after this last government fiasco, fading fast

This video doesn’t exist

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