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AI: Peter De Witte, Former St Maarten Police Chief Responds To Bibi Ho

This technology is AI: Artificial Intelligence.

I won’t dumb it down, I won’t back down. People like Glen Rombley, ‘Mr Cool’, should be wise enough to question what they don’t understand, but that’s expecting too much in St Maarten, where the population is considered ‘slow’, and people are too stupid to understand video animation and manipulation.

Life is too short for those who can’t or don’t want to understand.

In St Maarten where they love the path of least resistance, criticizing is better than educating any day.

This is A.I. it is animation, not real. Bibi Ho is upset that St Maarteners are dumb enough to fall for A.I. when EACH TITLE BEGINS: ‘A.I.’

Rather than concerning herself with St Maarten political satire and melee, why doesn’t she go scrub down Ramsan, before he relapses again?😉

Yes, political satire is as dangerous in St Maarten now, as it was in Biblical times when they were locking up Apostles such as Paul for calling out King Herod and putting three 666’s to his name.

So persecution of satirists has been happening since the beginning of satire. The only thing that changes is the technology.

Everyone knows:

1) I have been putting together a videographic online series of documentaries about the history of St Maarten. It is very time consuming work, so I take breaks by messing with software like this.

2) The Vlog started last week. It’s been too rainy, but I will be shooting LIVE as soon as the weather is better.

3) I have set up some surprise new websites. Stay tuned

4) I will be teaching online yoga and pilates again FINALLY 2020

5) I do everything myself, so it might take some time, but it will be worth it.

6) New blogs, videos, animations coming up!

This video doesn’t exist

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