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1 million dollars reward offered to anyone who solves the murder case of Helmin Wiels

WILLEMSTAD (ANP) – The Curaçao politician and businessman Amparo dos Santos has promised Thursday a reward of 1 million dollars (900,000) euros for the person who solved the murder of politician Helmin Wiels in 2013. Dos Santos states that the Public Prosecution Service has no idea who committed the murder.

Remarkable detail is that former finance minister George Jamaloodin, half-brother of Amparo dos Santos, was sentenced earlier this year to 28 years in prison for involvement in the murder. His other brother, lottery boss Robbie dos Santos, has been detained for the same reason since this week. According to Amparo dos Santos, his two brothers had no motive for the murder.

The popular politician Wiels was shot on May 5, 2013 on the beach of Marie Pampun in Curaçao. He was then political leader of the Pueblo Soberano party (Independent People). Wiels conducted research into, among other things, lottery sales in Curaçao. The murder may have been connected with that.

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