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2.2 Tons of Drugs From Venezuela that arrived in Aruba by boat, confiscated

From Paraguaná, in Falcón, more than two tons of cocaine left in October for Aruba, sources told El Pitazo. Although the tugboat Gracia, of Samoan flag, had sailed from Cartagena, Colombia, the stash of 2.2 tons of drugs was loaded on the way with the collaboration of a vessel that departed from the Venezuelan coastal area.

Caracas.- In the maritime boundary between Venezuela and Aruba, more than two tons of cocaine were loaded onto a vessel that had departed from Colombia, intelligence sources located in the Neogranadian nation revealed to El Pitazo.

The vessel, which departed from Cartagena, is owned by Logistics Marítimo Corp Venezuela, a company whose documentation submitted before sailing is false, according to data that contrasted El Pitazo with the Autonomous Service of Registries and Notaries of Venezuela (Saren).

The intelligence source explained that the drug was delivered by a boat that left Paraguaná, in Falcón, and received by the tugboat Gracia, whose crew were five Venezuelans, now detained in Aruba . At the moment there are no known data on people who took the drug from Venezuela to the maritime boundary with the Caribbean island.
The detained Venezuelans, who arrived in Colombia about five days before sailing to Aruba, were aware of the entire operation and were known to the tugboat owner, the source said, adding that it was apparently not the first time they were carrying drugs.

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