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K1 Welcomes Students from TU Delft

K1 Welcomes Students from TU Delft

A group of 64 students from TU Delft, Netherlands visited St. Maarten as part of the Caribbean Resilience (CARE). They are Architecture students who are designing solutions that can enhance the resilience of communities, such as St. Maarten, after natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes or flooding. In St. Maarten they came to study and make a proposal for architectural plans for the St Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Philipsburg Jubilee Library and shelter on St. Maarten.

The students were interested in hearing from K1 about our role in shelter management and visited the office to gain more insight on shelter management on St. Maarten. K1 DIRECT, Program Manager Iris Hakkens gave a presentation on our projects whereby students were open to ask any questions and receive any information needed for their project such as international humanitarian standards for shelters, amongst many others.

The students visited the office one more before returning to The Netherlands and spent a few hours volunteering for our 6th Annual Christmas Angels preparations.

Thank you to Tslil and the group for taking the time to visit our office!

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