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MEP in trouble, Bergen steps down after abusing daughter

ORANJESTAD – Aruban parliamentarian Luigi Bergen, suspected of abusing his daughter, has resigned. He is the third MEP of the MEP government party that leaves within the year. A week and a half ago, Daphne Lejuez left the MEP to continue as an independent member of parliament. Out of dissatisfaction with the party rate, in particular with regard to the controversial waste law and the BBO sales tax, and the pressure that the party leadership subsequently exerted on it.

Sue-Ann Ras resigned in July after the Caribbean Network caught her on netflixes during the parliamentary summit meeting IPKO . So her successor was Bergen, who was sworn in in September. By the way, there were already problems at the ministry where he worked, which Bergen himself blames on the “false accusations” of his wife with whom he was in divorce.

“Squeezed throat”
It is also his ex, as he emphasizes again today during the announcement of his departure, which “messes up” his 15-year-old daughter and is behind the charges of child abuse. The daughter herself sent an extensive statement to the 24ora news medium in which she said, among other things, that her father had her throat shut. It was her school who reported to the Child Abuse Reporting Center after she found fingerprints on the daughter’s neck.

Making a name black
Bergen further says that his ex is being helped by members of the opposition party AVP and ‘their press medium 24ora’ to make his name black. “I have filed a complaint of defamation against them.” Owners of 24ora Mark-Benson Denz and Nelson “Speed” Andrade respond that they are not worried about that. “We are not aware of a complaint. Blackening his name is not what we want. We are an open platform for everyone who wants to raise their concerns, “says Denz.

According to Speed, the parliamentarian wants to “hide his aggression and violence against his own family.” “We interviewed his own daughter and there is a police report. He has the right to do whatever he wants. His reaction is no different than what you can expect. ”

No more TOM session
Justice has opted for a TOM session because Bergen has a blank criminal record. The first session took place last week and was suspended to resume this Tuesday. But Bergen says he doesn’t want to go there anymore. “I want the case to go to court. Only in this way can I clear my name. ”

Bergen’s successor is Darlaine Guedez-Eramus. She will start work by 2020.

“No crisis within MEP”

Party chairman Hendrik Tevreden denies this morning when Luigi Bergen officially announces his resignation, that there is a crisis in the ruling party. “MEP is a large organization and there is always a lot of dynamics. These are things that we could not have foreseen. ”The party emphasizes that parliamentarians who are suspected must resign. And on this occasion, do not fail to point a finger at Benny Sevinger, AVP opposition member suspected of corruption. He’s still in parliament. By the way, Bergen may first have his party finish his parliamentary work until the end of this year.

Het blijft rommelen in regeringspartij MEP: derde parlementariër stapt op

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