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The St Maarten Government Dummies are dictating your children’s education

It’s almost tragic to see certain politicians who CANNOT speak the English language, after decades of training, try to argue that English should be the language of education in St Maarten.

They need to dumb down your kids further.

When was the last time Mrs. Heyliger Marten opened a book?

What was her research method, how did she reach her conclusions?

Does Ms. Marten know how ridiculous she sounds?

1) Grisha, neither you nor your husband can speak or write English properly, and that’s after decades of monolingual training.

2) Unlike myself, and the rest of the peasants, Claude Wathey made sure Theo got his English only education. Yet, decades later, Theo STILL cannot string a coherent English sentence together. So maybe it’s him not the educational system since the rest of us did just fine with English, Dutch, Spanish and French.

3) As someone educated in St Maarten in a multilingual curriculum, I can assure you the kids who struggle in multilingual programs need individual learning, not to quit the language.

4) You have a dumb government, who are willfully ignorant and has issues learning. Rather than working on their learning disabilities, they want to give the next generation new disabilities. Brainwash them into believing that they can’t learn. In St Maarten kids with Down Syndrome are multilingual. I know one boy from Curacao and he speaks English, Papiamentu, Dutch and Spanish. He was born with a much smaller than average brain, so he does have difficulties. However, he didn’t have parents telling him that he couldn’t learn. His parents didn’t tell him that languages were too difficult.

It’s called the Pygmalion Effect: If you tell a child he is the best, he will believe it, and be it. If you tell a child that they can’t, that they are a failure, chances are, they will fail.

Every child learns differently, some need individual education, not more dumbing down.

The mind of a child is a sponge, and you because of YOUR limited thinking,want to limit that childs potential.

5) How is it that I, someone diagnosed with Asperger and ADHD could pass the language syllabus, but the ones who could afford all types of tutors struggled? I believed in ME, when nobody else did.


Rather than raising the educational standards, they are dumbing down the kids to make life easier for some. When instead, they should be raising the standards because you are doing a disservice to the youth.

Has anyone asked Grisha Marten what her political or educational background is, where she gets her expert advice and insight? What her expertise in kids are other than breeding them?

On St Maarten a person does not have to have brains or substance, just expensive suits to spew advice.

And the idiots and under educated gobble it up.

I am writing this as someone who was educated in English, Dutch, Spanish, French. I went to the United States to study languages and added German and Portuguese. I actually had to RESEARCH the effects of multilingual vs. A monolingual education on kids. I would debate it, but I was actually in class with Grisha. I understand that there are certain things that she is just too limited to grasp.

I could say so much about the topic, but my job is not to educate these willfully ignorant politicians.

I went to school with a lot of todays government officials.

Cronyism and nepotism have the class dummies now dictating and running the St Maarten government. You couldn’t read off the blackboard in class, what made you an educational expert all of a sudden?

All that I can say is that some kids in class were just slower. They needed individual tutoring, not you encouraging them to quit to take an easier path.

When did the multi lingual education become a liability and not an asset?

Answer: When you have the dummies appointed through nepotism and cronyism dictating this generations education.

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  1. Sorry to say but I do not trust bankers nor politicians. All they do is talk, break their promises after being elected and earn a salary that is more than the president of Russia. They shuffle papers, create money out of thin air and lend it out against interest. They dispossess cars and even houses when interest can not be paid. They do not raise the minimum wages, nor provide for the very poor. They keep laws in place that are putting friendly cannabis users in jail while they let tobacco and alcohol kill and maim people. The Social Department gives 400 NAfl per month ($200) because I am handicapped after my amputation and can not work. I am poor. while in France and NL the financial help is $600. The government is still holding back money for the reconstruction after IRMA. We need a Department of Honesty and Happiness. The people who clean the streets and build houses are working hard. You are a hard worker sitting in airconditioned buildings pushing a pen? Ask your self if you would still want to be a politician if you were earning the minimum wage. Then I would vote maybe.


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