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Video 1 André Bosman. Questions. What is St Maarten up to? World Bank, CFT, Defaulting on loans

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This video doesn’t exist

BOSMAN: “I think it’s best to take an in depth look at St Maarten, at St Maarten itself. What exactly is going on? Is there going to be a new government, the tenth government in ten years, I believe. And I have no idea….NO IDEA what they are up to or what they are going to do, and that ofcourse is the main concern. Are we going to have a government that we can do business with?”

“I am very curious to know if the Minister feels the same way. Is the Minister ready to communicate, to explain? Maybe he can sketch for us a clearer picture of what’s going on.”

“As far as we know, in January there will be an election in St Maarten. And now we are finding out that St Maarten does not want independent observers at their elections. I find that very odd. I assumed that it was a given, agreed upon at IPKO (IPKO is annual conference between the Netherlands and the Netherlands Caribbean islands) that each land would be sending invitations at elections out of principle. IT WOULD BE A STAIN ON THE KINGDOM IF THIS WERE TO HAPPEN. I am curious about the Integrity Committee and the World Bank, has everything been regulated by St Maarten?”

“Now it’s been 2 years since The Hurricane Irma Reconstruction Project of which the St Maarten governent is responsible. It’s the St Maarten government who has to be proactive, come up with plans, validate everything.

“The money is urgently needed, but how can St Maarten get the financing without meeting the proper prerequisites to get funding and financing?” Financial stability is one of the prerequisites for St Maarten to secure a loan.





I’m not doing word for word translation. Dutch is a very colloquial language, that would be gibberish.

Yesterday in Den Haag, or The Hague the MP’s got together for a meeting with the Kingdom Affairs Minister, Knops.

Minister Knops is the Dutch Minister responsible for Kingdom Affairs and that is…St Maarten, Aruba and Curacoa. So if Knops looks exhausted, and you noticed what little hair he has left is falling out…well now you know why.

The opening starts with André Bosman asking questions.

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