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I will continue to keep an eye on my FQ AND SG sources for updates. Today cleaning up SXM Elections and the POLITICS pages and groups. A lot of work, so the new contact remains the same 721 527 6730. Laptop went down then phone went down. I gave out my new number, if people ignoring it, I’m ignoring them… I am back to Dutch side election skewering, so politicians keep sending your family and friends to attack. I spend ZERO in advertising. I leave my advertising and promotion to my haters, NOBODY gets the word out like they do. I have people angry at me because I point out the flaws in the education system. Your face looks like a hard forty year old, if you cannot distinguish between a period and a question mark, your educational system might have failed you. It is not always the educational system, some people have learning issues, what I don’t understand is willful ignorance. When you are stupid, and proud to be stupid and you get angry when people try to educate you. Facts and truths are too inconvenient for you, so you run crying to play victim, believing I didn’t have proof. What can I say? Crying ages a person. With all the equipment failures, biggups to my cousin in the USA who sent me a replacement. Burn a candle for us today and take a photo.

Today not much posting 137 pages to inventory by 2020, 125 groups to clean up. If I find any political ads in the groups, you won’t like it.

The supporters who pray for me, continue…it’s working

The haters who motivate me….continue😉 That’s working too.

I refuse to argue with someone at a 3rd grade reading level… LOOK at the numbers…

Where would I be without your ignorance and hate?

Click back…I will be blogging

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