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YORK WHIPPED EVERYONE ELSE IN VOTES Winners and losers 2020. Biggest winner is #5 on the National Alliance Egbert Jurandy York 843 votes, BEAT Silveria, Christopher, William Marlini, Irion, beat Rolando…BEAT EVERYONE😂😂😂How will William Marlin and Christophe Emmanuels egos handle that? 2nd biggest party was Melissa Gumbs Party, 2 seats outta of nowhere. Surprised everyone but me, slick, targetted marketing campaign. When you call them tbe LBGTQ party, don’t forget that at least 11% of any given population falls into that category.
Biggest losers PPA and SMCP….ZERO PRESENCE, no coordination, but worse than those two is the UPP and Rolando Brison.
Too much baggage, zero trust. So will Grisha replace Rolando and where will he go? Rolando played and lost BIG. NATIONAL ALLIANCE WAS CARRIED BY DORAN-YORK. He has a very strong back….now he needs to WATCH his back. He might be in front but a lot of climbers will be standing patiently awaiting with daggers. I will try to update you guys, it’s like the day after Jouvert everyone’s passed out.

Individual results. I was waiting for some political experts to wake up, but I guess they have just fallen asleep.
1) EVERY party lost yesterday except for the Party for Progress.
2) The only party with a slight increase is the PPA and they got NO seats.
3) I told York at MPC last night that Doran-York was about to replace the NA old heads. And now I’m hearing that he beat his party leader.
4) The SMCP lost its 1 seat in government, as predicted the PFP ate away at EVERY other party’s vote except for the PPA.
5) It will be interesting to see how William Marlin’ s ego deals with York surpassing him in votes. York is not Silveria, Emmanuel has always had an ego 10 times his physical size, The N.A. camp will be interesting to watch, but…
6) Not as interesting as a divorce between Theo/Grisha and Rolando Brison. Rolando played his cards, and I feel he lost. Rolando went from just a member of the slate of USP. USP leader, Frans Richardson was rearrested, so he promoted Rolando Brison to USP leader – but in title only. Theo Heyliger, the same way he swindled Cornelius de Weever from under Frans Richardson’s USP in 2014, the same way Theo swindled Rolando from under Frans Richardson’s USP in 2019. Theo Heyliger, the UP Party leader had also been arrested and could not run, so he snatched Rolando Brison.
7) But Rolando is a coniver, and has a ton of baggage including embezzlement charges, and accusations that he has yet to pay restitution to Winair. Also, there’s that old saying…”the same way you got him, you’re gonna lose him… ” Rolando cheat on his leader Frans with Theo, why wouldn’t he horn Theo next? Then Rolando was also supposed to be UP Party leader in NAME ONLY. Theo was going to be pulling the strings, but like Frans Richardson, Rolando showed defiance when it came to selecting his candidates. Theo really, really wanted Stuart Johnson on his slate, but Stuart has pedo allegations and him and Rolando have beef.
8) The biggest loser appears to be Rolando Brison, but then again he had the most the most to lose, and had the most to prove. After Theo had issues with Rolando, suddenly his inexperienced wife showed up on the slate. Well if Theo had been smart, he would have done that in the first place, because Rolando cost him votes.
9) Gracita and PPA lost big, zero seats but they were no where to be found. Paying illegals who do not speak English to represent you at the polls kills your chances Gracita. I was everywhere yesterday, not ONE PPA slate member. I asked about Gracita several times…”No English”…so No seats.
10)The SMCP Christian Party lost their one seat as predicted, I could not find ONE SMCP Candidate anywhere, I even called.
11) Sarah and the UD…Sarah wanted her seat, and got it. UD worked as a team, she was hoping for two…no way.

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