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So THIS is the CHANGE you voted for? Millions spenth on the 9th Election in 10 years, yet they recycled the same trash.

Look at York’s face, look at Irion’s big, painful, FAKE grin, look at Peterson’s face, where is Melissa and the rest of the new MP’s? Only the S.O.S….the Same Old Sh** look genuinely happy in this photo. So THIS is the CHANGE we voted for? Just look at those hypocrites GRINNING. Let’s post the videos at the rallies. Let’s watch what the UPP had to say FOUR days ago about the National Alliance. Let’s rewind THREE days and watch video of the National Alliance explaining to us why we should NOT elect UPP, yet they elected to join forces with each other, AGAIN. MILLIONS spent on a new, bogus election simply to re elect the same old clowns. The new majority KNOWS that the average St Maartener is naive and stupid, so they did what they always do. They lied, disrupted government on another ego trip. As clowns like Silly and Willy, Rolando and Grisha bare their gums grinning, they are hoping that the people don’t realize something…
The St Maartener DID vote for change! Most BOYCOTTED the veterans and voted in Melissa, Jurendy and a host of other neophytes.
This coalition is a slap in the face to all of the intelligent people, fed up with this system who voted for change, and were TRICKED once again by these CORRUPT CLOWNS. Tricked into recycling the same old trash. And Dutch Sint Maarten is NOT like French Sint Maarten, Dutch Sint Maarteners have Stockholm Syndrome. They empathize and sympathize with their abusers, as they cry about the mistreatment they are receiving. Then they want to kill you when you point out that the have been used and abused AGAIN. Everybody who voted, should try to call the politician who they voted for on Thursday. Let’s see how many are still answering their phone. St Maarteners need to protest this nonsense. But too many of these sheep being led to slaughter drank the grape Kool Aid already, they’re a lost cause. Most people don’t realize that they’ve been had, they’ve once again been played. While National Alliance supporters were out fighting and defending their party, demonizing all other parties…National Alliance was in bed with the UPP ALL ALONG. While UPP voters were up in arms, getting cussed out all over FB for voting green, those Judas’s were in bed with the National Alliance all along. And don’t forget the vote buying….it will be interesting to see what the drones and wiretaps picked up. And when the government falls in a few months, these FOOLS will be voted in again. You voters are no longer victims, you are accomplices.

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