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AIDAperla: The Caribbean chaos continues!

AIDAperla: The Caribbean chaos continues! AIDAperla: Chaos continues in the Caribbean
These days, AIDAperla has not had an easy time in the Caribbean, especially captain Tommy Möller is currently not making life on the spot easy. After the Odyssey on Saturday it did not get any better in the following days, AIDAperla must be redirected again today.

One after the other. On Sunday, AIDAperla was supposed to arrive in the port of Roseau, but according to guests, no binding statement was made as to whether the ship would be released after mooring – or not. For this reason, AIDAperla continued to Martinique, where she was allowed to moor, the ship was also released.

AIDAperla was able to start Guadeloupe on Monday yesterday, there shouldn’t have been any problems here. However, the problems continue today, AIDAperla should invest in Antigua, but is said to have been rejected there. At midnight (local time), the bridge is said to have decided not to travel to Antigua. So AIDAperla will still head for an alternative port today, at 8:00 a.m. local time it should finally moor in Philipsburg (St. Maarten).

Whether this start-up works 100% is still open, however, according to the previous events.

The reason for the problems on board AIDAperla is that some passengers on board are said to suffer from flu-like symptoms. For fear of the corona virus, the ship was therefore rejected several times by the ports. The reporting of sick passengers is a duty of the ship before entering a port.

AIDAperla: Das karibische Chaos geht weiter!

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