Coronavirus COVID 19

The Moronic St Maarten Government Now Acting Like They Are In Control When THEY KNOW that they exposed us to the Coronavirus WEEKS ago taking money under the table making deals with cruise liners. They have bartered our lives

Judith Regina: 1) The SXM government is basically locking the barn after the cows have escaped, in this case the cows are the Coronavirus, the Coronavirus has been in St Maarten for a while.
2) TWO ships that were protested, but the government STILL allowed to dock, disembark and turn around are now testing positive for Coronavirus.
3) It’s TOO LATE to be down airport now worrying about Germans with the virus, the Germans brought the virus on the Braemar and the Aida WEEKS ago.
4) Minister Pamela Gordon was proud to tell us at her press conference how great the idea was to let those sick passengers on land because our government cut a deal with the Cruiseliner that will cost LIVES in St Maarten.
5) According to the government, ALL Corona testing must go through Curacao, so you know that they have been lying to us for WEEKS while they allowed EVERY sick passenger through our harbor and airports.
6) Heineken Regatta and SXM Festival is going to ensure that St Maarten is hit with this virus as hard as Italy, Wuhan and Iran.
7) We are two weeks behind the USA when it comes to full contagion, the USA is behind Italy by one week.
8) Right now Europe is practicing Herd Immunization!!!!
9) I want you to research this for yourself, because you won’t believe me, but Herd Immunization is when you allow the entire herd to get infected, to build up an immunity, so you allow the OLDEST and WEAKEST to DIE. Right now in Europe if you are a certain age, or if you have certain illnesses they will ALLOW YOU TO DIE. They are triaging lives in Europe right now. All resources and medical attention will be given to their STRONGEST. Once again I want you to research Herd Immunization. When the hospitals are overwhelmed, they will just let you die.
7) St Maarten government are not the only government guilty of coverup. Many other governments because of incompetence or just dishonesty have been lying to the populations as they cover up how badly things have gotten.
8) When I told the Government last week about the exposure and sent LINKS to the outside sources verifying the info I was told that it was not actual proof.
9) If there is a God, if there is karma…this disease will only infect our lying government and wipe ’em da f*ck out!

10) Residents and visitors deserve THE TRUTH!

St Maarteners need to learn a new word ‘GASLIGHTING’..To gaslight someone. The St Maarten government is trying to Gaslight us, and it’s working. What is GASLIGHTING? Gaslighting is when you’re busted, but rather than apologize you call the person calling you out on your bullshit ‘crazy’. Here’s an example: A husband comes home stinks of perfume, his wife confronts him about the perfume. Rather than admit he was with another woman he will tell her that she “smelling things”. If she find lipstick on his clothes, he will tell her it’s her lipstick, even if she doesn’t wear makeup. If the other woman calls, he’ll say it’s a ‘friend’ eyc etc etc. Gaslighting is making someone think that they’re crazy rather than admitting you effed up.
So, last week I was contacted by someone close to government on Whatsapp. They contacted me to let me know that I was wrong AGAIN… and that it was the reason why they couldn’t take my blogs seriously. So they had me thinking, after all my reading and research that I was WRONG…that I was crazy, spreading fake news and misinformation. I sent them links, screenshots, photos…..They said it was no verifiable proof. So I figured either I’m or crazy they’re playing stupid, so I sent the same info to about 100 Whatsapp contacts. They were stunned and horrified. They checked the links saw where people who were allowed in St Maarten AFTER the government was aware of the risks were TESTING POSITIVE TO COVID 19 CORONAVIRUS. RIGHT NOW OUR GOVERNMENT IN DAMAGE CONTROL MODE. NOT ABOUT OUR HEALTH, BUT ABOUT VOTES. I can verify as usual what I’m saying with TANGIBLE EVIDENCE. THIS GOVERNMENT HAS GOT TO GO IN 5..4….3…2…

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