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Caribbean News – There Are Now Over 400 Coronavirus Cases In The Caribbean. Sun. March 22, 2020

Caribbean News – There Are Now Over 400 Coronavirus Cases In The Caribbean. Sun. March 22, 2020: The number of new coronavirus cases globally continues to grow and the number of cases in the Caribbean region is also spiking.
As of last night, a News Americas analysis has found there are now 403 cases.

The Dominican Republic has the most cases of COVID-19, jumping by 40 Saturday to 112. The country’s death toll also increased to three, from two.

The French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe now has 56 cases as it added 5 new cases Saturday as it reported its first death. Martinique’s total is now at 37 after it reported 5 new cases as well. Authorities there say they also have 1 death to date.

Trinidad and Tobago has reported 49, as the country added 40 Saturday.

There are now 10 deaths across the region.

Here’s the count for other countries confirming COVID-19 cases to date:

Cuba’s confirmed cases are 21 but its death tally stayed at one.

Jamaica – 19 plus one death

Puerto Rico – 21

Guyana – 18 plus one death

French Guiana – 18

Barbados – 14

USVI – 6

Aruba – 5

Saint Martin – 5

Suriname – 5

Bahamas – 4

Cayman Islands – 3 plus 1 death

Curacao – 3 plus one death

St. Barths – 3

Bermuda – 2

Haiti – 2

St. Lucia – 2

Antigua & Barbuda – 1

St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 1

Montserrat – 1

Sint Maarten – 1

The Caribbean now has a total of 8 deaths.


The only coronavirus free nations in the Caribbean currently are:



Turks & Caicos


The British Virgin Islands

Globally, there are now 304,675 cases of the virus with 13,000 deaths worldwide.

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