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Dutch Warships to the Caribbean Sea – for Corona help or war? Arrival in St Maarten coincides with American, British and French WARSHIPS.

Dutch Warships to the Caribbean Sea – for Corona help or war? Arrival in St Maarten coincides with American, British and French WARSHIPS. In times of pandemic, we should expect governments to put the safety of their people first and cooperate in good faith with other governments. While we have seen good examples of this, it is also striking that the US government is hardened in its grim aggression , especially against Venezuela.

It was also noted that US companies and government agencies hijacked protective products and medicines from other destinations to provide them to ……. her armies.

On April 2, 2020, there was a video conference of NATO representatives, in which Washington urged more NATO action to combat the Corona Virus pandemic. A new military project, the War-on-Corona, may have started on that day.
With Venezuela high on the target list, an alert went off at HandsOffVenezuela-NL to be extra attentive and ensure that the Netherlands does not start a war with a neighbor for the first time since WWII under the guise of noble matters, such as fighting drugs, fighting corona, bringing democracy,…

Also on that day, there was a press statement with an impending appeal from Minister Pompeo (US-buza) to President Maduro to resign and a tweet from Minister Blok (NL-buza) in response, with the text (translated): “ The political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela can only be stopped by restoring democracy. Free and fair presidential elections are essential. The Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes @SecPompeo’s proposal to establish a transitional government of national unity for that purpose. ”

Stef Blok


The political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela can only be stopped by restoring democracy. Free and fair presidential elections are key.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes the proposal of @SecPompeo to establish a transition government of national unity to this end.

The day before, President Trump had reported in an unexpected moment that the US war fleet is going to conduct a drug check and naval blockade in the Caribbean Sea. It is an area where the US has carried out or supported many wars and coups in the past and present, and is the largest operation since Panama, 1989.

If the threats from the US really involve military policy, and not just a firm language, the action of the Dutch Navy reported below may lead to an unavoidable involvement in a violent and protracted war.

On April 3, the warship Zr.Ms. Zeeland to the Caribbean region to get the comparable Zr.Ms. To replace Groningen early.

It sailed approximately simultaneously, possibly together, with the British warship Argus, and the French warship Dixmund, which are also deployed in the War-on-Corona in the Caribbean Sea .

The official reason for the early replacement was that Curaçao airport was closed and the crew could not be refreshed by plane. This is not really credible, because Curaçao cannot refuse entry to the Dutch Air Force. Resupply with a new load seems to be the real argument. The nature and composition of this cargo is unknown.

That is not the only Dutch warship in that region. On April 9, the 2 nd chamber was informed by letter by the Ministry of Defense of the decision to include the newest, largest, and most expensive naval vessel, the Zr.Ms. Broadcast Karel Doorman to the South Caribbean Sea. For 3 months or longer to support the… .. fight against corona.

A single critical question came out of the room:

“In light of the plans of the US government, can you rule out the involvement of Karel Doorman in military pressure on Venezuela? If not, why not? ”(SP fraction, April 9, 2020)

The answer came five days later:

The US operation allegedly referred to is stepping up existing anti-drug operations in the region. Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman is not used in this context ” . (Minister of Defense, April 14, 2020)

Ministers have learned that lying can kill them. The example of Habe Zijlstra, Block’s predecessor, is still fresh in their memories. Zijlstra lied in January 2018 that he heard President Putin say world-threatening things, in a Russian country residence where he has never actually been. He had to resign almost immediately.

Therefore, ministers avoid or do not answer the questions, as can be seen clearly in the answer above: The SP’s clear and unambiguous question was circumscribed by the ministry, actually changed, and then answered that circumscribed question .

This is a clear refusal to inform the room honestly. In fact, this is not a good thing, because if there is no war legislation, the chamber (and the people) is entitled to honest information.

On April 15 there was an extra video conference with the NATO summit

Because we at Handsoffvenezuela-NL find this state of affairs worrying, we have investigated the following:

The Joint Logistic Support Ship Karel Doorman.

The choice for the Karel Doorman surprised many . The ship was not even ready to sail after a refurbishment. An obvious choice would be the military hospital ships Zr.Ms. Johan de Witt or Zr.Ms. Rotterdam. They have better facilities for such a thing.The Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman, with ship number A833 and MMSI 244173000 is a so-called ‘Joint Logistic Support Ship’, with amphibian attack capabilities. Ideal for : Marine support from the open sea: with 9 million liters of fuel, 400 tons of ammunition, 450,000 liters of water, 8 helicopters, small ships, infirmary, 8 automatic cannons and 4 missile launchers,Military invasion of coastal areas: with a deck for 2km of rolling stock, a tail lift, a ramp and heavy cranes to quickly land these vehicles. Even the heaviest trucks, armored vehicles, tanks and artillery.Calibration of injured soldiers, delivered by helicopter, in the small infirmary with 20 beds and two operating rooms. The on-board prison appears to have been converted and can now also serve as a quarantine room.The Zr.Ms. Zeeland, like the Zr.Ms. Groningen to replace it, a recently converted patrol ship with state-of-the-art cannons, a state-of-the-art surveillance tower, a helicopter deck, tail lift, a ramp and a crane. Smaller, but equally suitable for attack support from the open sea and / or invasion of the coastal area

It seems to us a shock, but very credible, that the Dutch state is willing to provide this support, given the striking willingness to support the illegal sabotage actions of the US. And there was that striking Tweet by Minister Blok, in response to the threatening language of Pompeo.

In the days that followed, we saw that the Karel Doorman did indeed leave , and on April 14 turned off his MMSI identity signal in the channel of Calais. However, this seems to be common behavior for the Dutch Navy ships. The monstrously large ship has now arrived at the island of St. Maarten, the most northeastern island, where it has landed a number of military vehicles. It will not stay there.

Karel Doorman in portA number of trucks are unloaded on St Maarten.

Germany is co-owner of this large, new and very expensive warship Karel Doorman. The purchase of it cost more than 400 million euros. That was too much for the Dutch navy budget.
England and France have also sent two similar warships to the US-threatened region. The US war fleet is expected soon. There is joint coordination, of which no concrete plans have yet been announced.

RFA Argus photographed off the coast at Devonport.The British warship Argus, and the French Joint Logistic Support amphibian Ship Brixton

A real risk to Venezuela from these NATO warships on the edge of its territorial waters is the possibility of provoking an incident that could be reported as an attack, triggering Article 5 of NATO to operate. This would provoke a “defensive” action by all NATO warships present against Venezuela under the command of the NATO summit, ie the Pentagon in Washington. At that time, there is no longer a need for a solution, nor a democratically agreed governmental decision by the NATO states involved. The armies of these 4 colonial states will soon be able to capture Venezuela, all the more so because they are known to target cities and densely populated areas, which a humane government will not want to last.

But an occupied people has the right to oppose and liberate its country with all available means, and Venezuela has a well-trained relatively large army with a 2.5 million strong militia that can carry out an eventual. necessary guerrilla war has been trained. From that moment on, the filled body bags will also return to the respective countries. A chain of consequences that our government may not have realized when it decided to send these warships to the threatened region.

Passenger ship RCGS ResoluteHNLMS Groningen (Light Blue) and RCGS Resolute (Dark Blue) on the same quay in the harbor mouth of Willemstad

Every war starts with a provocation, false flag or lie, and the US is notorious for that. Such a provocation action also has a very recent precedent: On the night of 30/31 March 2020, the Colombian passenger ship RCGS Resolute, sailing under the Portuguese flag, entered the territorial waters of Venezuela, a ship of the Venezuelan Coast Guard deliberately rammed , and did not respond to the distress signals from that ship that sank after the collision.

This is a criminal offense under international maritime law. Since this criminal action, the ship has been moored in the port of Willemstad, Curaçao, it has not been inspected by local authorities by order of a foreign order, and neither the Netherlands nor Curaçao have responded to President Maduro ‘s request for clarification.
The Colombian owner claims that his ship was attacked by Venezuelan ships in the open sea. Portugal is a NATO member state. Colombia is a member of the military cooperation treaty TIAR , and since June 2018 the youngest member state of NATO.

Our government and its security services have a mandate to defend us. However, we have never given our government the mandate to start or support unilateral wars against sovereign states. However, we see an unacceptable Dutch involvement in the many one-sided war crimes of the US against the sovereign states of Central and South America, and a striking willingness of the Dutch government to unconditionally assist the US in its financial-economic-diplomatic sabotage .

Since the diplomatic coup on January 2019, the Dutch government has recognized coup leader Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela.The Dutch government has blocked all trade of Venezuela with the former colonial islands, and has introduced a visa requirement for Venezuelan visitors. (For the time being, an exception for crude oil has been made pending an alternative.)The Netherlands was one of the first to recognizediplomatic coups in Bolivia as a legitimate governmenton November 11, 2019 .Last year Minister Blok persuaded the governments of the Netherlands and Curaçao to sign the SoFA between the Netherlands, Curaçao and the United States military , The Netherlands, responsible for Curaçao’s military and foreign policy, greatly expanded the military facilities on Curaçao in 2019, including a high observation tower, and provided Bonaire with a new large jetty.Dutch banks and transport companies refuse to provide services to Venezuelan diplomats and companies. The government is failing to provide such services. The Netherlands provides protection to the Colombian ship Ms Resolute, which, in a criminal provocation action, sank a ship of the Venezuelan coastguard and ignored emergency signals.

We do not want to see our government’s involvement in the illegal attack on Iraq in 2003, which led to 17 years of wars in the Middle East, with more than two million victims, repeated in the now looming US wars against sovereign states in Central and South America.

In this context, we demand full transparency about the deployment of Dutch warships, and in particular information about the destination, assignment and cargo (equipment and crew) of the Zr.Ms. Zeeland, the Zr.Ms. Karel Doorman, and possible other Dutch warships in that region.

And above all, we want an honest answer to the question previously asked by the SP chamber group:

In light of the plans of the American government, can you rule out that Karel Doorman, de Zeeland, and evt. other Dutch Navy ships involved in military pressure on Venezuela? If not, why not?

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