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Travel to and between overseas is still prohibited.

Travel to and between overseas is still prohibited. On May 14, when the tourism support plan was presented, the Prime Minister said that “the French will be able to go on vacation to French France [but also] overseas in July and August”. But no specific date for the start of this possibility has been announced for the overseas territories.

The last decree prescribing the new deconfinement measures, published on May 31, still prohibits travel from hexagonal France to all overseas territories as well as to Corsica and from these territories to mainland France. Only trips for imperative personal, family or health reasons that cannot be postponed are authorized.

It is also forbidden to travel by plane between these communities except for the three reasons already mentioned above. However, the list of these grounds can be modified by the prefect ” according to local circumstances “.

Finally, the decree does not prohibit the maritime movement of passengers.éplacements-vers-et-entre-les-outre-mer-sont-toujours-interdits

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