dutch government vs the st maarten government

Sint Maarten: Dutch conditions unacceptable

The conditions that the Netherlands attaches to a new corona loan are unacceptable to the government of Sint Maarten. The government announced this. Earlier, the governments of Curaçao and Aruba have strongly criticized the package of conditions that the Netherlands has sent to the islands on Monday, with the request that it be approved for next Friday.

The government of Sint Maarten says that the Netherlands wants to push through unreasonable demands now that the country is in crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Netherlands wants to introduce legislation for financial supervision, among other things. Sint Maarten says that something like this cannot be implemented within four days and also criticizes that according to the Netherlands, the conditions must remain secret and cannot be discussed with the own parliament.

On Friday, the Kingdom Council of Ministers will discuss the new corona loans. The islands had previously received two such loans. For the new loans, the Netherlands wants to create an entity with three persons appointed by The Hague to be able to take decisions about financial policy on the islands from the Netherlands over the next seven years. All Caribbean countries are against that proposal because they would give up part of their autonomy.


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