Aruba Deports More Than 90 Venezuelans on Monday

A group of nearly 100 Venezuelans flew to Venezuela on a ‘humanitarian flight’ on Monday. Most passengers do not have valid residence papers and have been detained in the detention capacity of the coast guard in Aruba for a long time. There were also some Venezuelans who volunteered to be able to return home.

It was also announced yesterday that fifteen undocumented migrants in the Coast Guard detention facility have tested positive for the coronavirus. They are in isolation, according to the head of the Aruban coast guard. Due to their contamination yesterday, the people were unable to take the humanitarian flight back to Venezuela. Due to the corona crisis, there has been no air traffic between the Antillean islands and Venezuela for a long time.

The number of corona infections in Aruba remains high. On Monday, 1223 persons in Aruba were registered as positive. In addition, 1,244 people have recovered since the start of the corona crisis. Since the outbreak of the virus, a total of fifteen people on the island have died from corona. There are 33 people in the hospital, nine of whom are in intensive care. More than 23,000 people on the island, with about 100,000 residents, have been tested. American tourists are also among those tested.

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