The Netherlands WILL Continue to Treat the Antilles like Children, As Long As the Antilles Act Like Children

I just spoke to Calypsonian Fish da Mega Boss, and he said William Marlin was crying in the papers, so I bought The Daily Herald…

1) As long as St Maarten continues to crawl to the Dutch, with their hands out, the Dutch will continue to Treat them as they see them… immature, unqualified, unethical, corrupt CHILDREN

2) For TEN YEARS, St Maarten has been given chance after chance to prove itself. Since semi autonomous status was granted on the 10th of October 2010, our Government has proven over and over again that they are INCAPABLE of running a healthy, stable, functioning Government. What this government has shown, is that they cannot get their shit together, no matter how many times the government falls, no matter which coalition forms, it’s always about greed and avarice, and they run on a system of every man for himself.

2) Since 2010, DOZENS of government officials, civil servants and politicians have been caught up, arrested, detained, tried, convicted! Favoritism, nepotism, cronyism, embezzlement, rackateeering, blackmail, fraud, money laundering… HOW do you STEAL for YEARS…then beg for money from the very same people that you REPEATEDLY stole from? Then you act offended when ‘YOUR bank’ A.K.A. the Dutch Government wants to have loan CONDITIONS, simply to assure that you Don’t do to them, what you’ve done a million times before….ROB THEM! Because when you BORROW money, but refuse to repay it…That is the definition of THEFT. Now William Marlin, in his infinite stupidity is in the paper yapping about autonomy and independence, when everyone with half a brain knows that Dutch Sint Maarten does NOT even have enough toilet paper to wipe its ass! Thanks to the shit governments we’ve had since 10-10-10!

3) I’m not sure if FAILED Prime Minister, William Marlin is deluded, in denial, or just realizes that his supporters are dumb enough to fall for his bullshit independence argument. I am for autonomy and independence….once St Maarten is STABLE and back on its feet. For William Marlin to argue independence as the Government that he is a part of continues to beg for money from their ‘oppressors, makes me realize that he William Marlin does NOT believe that National Alliance supporters have any intelligence at all. So you gain independence…Now you are fully reliant on a government who doesn’t know how to get its shit together…has not done ONE thing right in TEN YEARS…ONLY knows how to beg and blame everyone else for their incompetence? In MONTHS we would go from Number 1 Resort Destination to another third world shit hole country.

4) Why is Failed Prime Minister, William Marlin crying in the paper this morning? THE CARIBBEAN REFORM ENTITY…that’s why! Basically, because of previous experiences with our Crook, Crook, Crooked government, The Netherlands wants a separate, autonomous ‘Entity, to oversee any funding sent to St Maarten. To assure that the money, contracts and assistance goes to the needy, and NOT TO WILLIAM MARLIN’S CRIMINAL, THUG SON, WHO WAS BUSTED ON CAMERA LOOTING AFTER HURRICANE IRMA…WHILE HIS FATHER WAS PRIME MINISTER!

Not just the half billion for Hurricane Irma repairs, but also the newer funding, for the Corona pandemic. Now WHY would Holland want NON-St Maarteners to oversee this money? Because the funding money sent to St Maarten NEVER EVER reaches the people. Holland giving a billion dollars to our unethical, corrupt, kleptomaniac, thieving government, that lacks a heart, a brain, a conscience…A SOUL…Is the same as Holland giving Bernie Madoff a billion dollars, and telling him to invest it for them!

5) There are NO Robin Hoods in our Government. They steal for themselves and their own. They have some type of greed curse, where the more they have, the more they want until they end up spending all of their Ill gotten gains on expensive lawyers to stay out of prison. Then they spend the rest of their looted money on appeal after appeal, fighting to stay out of prison once convicted. They appeal so that they can stay in Parliament getting paid AFTER BEING CONVICTED! They are strolling through the halls of Parliament AFTER being convicted STILL making $11.000 per month! Still getting pensions. When they should be in PRISON. Some Christophe Emmanuel supporter tried to jump down my throat for calling thieving Parliamentarian Christophe Emmanuel what he was…A LAND THIEF! First things first…..

6) Covid19 kills PEOPLE. It does NOT kill criminal charges, it does NOT kill investigations, it does NOT kill conviction or prison sentences or court cases. What Covid19 did was put a lot of investigations and arrests ON HOLD. Christophe was stealing land for his family and staff, while people on the list to get property for DECADES were passed over, because they wouldn’t kiss Chris or his party’s ASS. How is he a Robin Hood? How did he help the people? Then he is on Oral Gibbs saying the NRPB are thieves. YES…they are stealing, but so did YOU. They will go to jail, but so will YOU! No charges have been dropped and the only reason Chris and Theo are not in Point Blanch prison RIGHT Now is because the Prison is overcrowded, has to achieve and maintain humane standards, and they have lawyers as shysty and unethical as themselves.

7) Unethical kleptomaniac and failed Prime Minister, William Marlin is crying on the front page, because Mr Sticky fingers, WITH A TERRIBLE CASINO HABIT, AND AN UNCONTROLLABLE GAMBLING ADDICTION, WHO OWES EVERY CASINO IN ST MAARTEN FOR LOSING AT THEIR TABLES….Wants HIS sticking, greedy paws on THAT money. How DARE the Dutch impose conditions when lending money to unscrupulous THIEVES, who have proven time and time again that they are INCAPABLE of being honest, trustworthy or ethical?

8) The Caribbean Reform Entity needs to be made up of Hollanders…Because it is THEIR money….and Antillians with NO TIES to local politicians or governments. Every year hundreds of Antillians travel to Holland for an education, they get their degrees. They remain in Holland to work, because the government has turned St Maarten into a shithole country where there are ZERO OPPURTUNITIES for anyone with intelligence and a brain. They FEAR INTELLIGENCE in St Maarten. They sideline actual qualified people, and instead give the positions to unqualied family and friends. That is why intelligent St Maarteners remain abroad. Recruit THOSE St Maarteners, tell them you will pay them to return to St Maarten to help their people and keep and eye on their trashy, kleptomaniac government. THOUSANDS of educated Antillians in Europe, afraid to come home because they Don’t want to be contaminated by the corruption of an immoral, unethical, do-nothing government.

9) We cannot just get rid of our shit government. That would leave a vacuum. We have to get rid of the OLD and replace it with the NEW, or else St Maarten WILL NOT succeed.

10) We are already on a downward spiral, and before even 10% of structures could be repaired in THREE years since Hurricane Irma, we got hit with another disaster ….Covid19. Through all of this, not Once has our Government stopped begging THEIR SLAVE MASTERS…Yet they want independence

11) And our stinking, local politicians LACK the genetic code to FEEL SHAME…EMBARRASMENT. When I beg for money, I GUARANTEE you, I act NICE…. I don’t care about conditions, I don’t care if you supervise me, as long as I have the money to do what I need to do. The only people complaining about someone watching them over their shoulders after a loan are THIEVES. People who intend to misuse the money and have NO intention of paying anything back. I wouldn’t lend our Government TEN DOLLARS! They will take your money, misuse it, have you running around chasing them for YOUR money. Ultimately, you will end up spending MORE money to get your loan money back…MORE THAN TEN DOLLARS. And then as a thank you, for lending them the money and helping them out when no one else would, they slander, libel and smear your name EVERYWHERE. St Maarten government begs for money, then bad talk the ONLY people who will lend them money.

12) I despise the Dutch Government, therefore I really RESENT William Marlin FORCING me to defend the Dutch by calling him out on his bullshit

I’m starting to blog again although my home repairs are STILL unfinished, therefore NO electricity. But I will get my opinions posted. My contact is TELEPHONE/WHATSAPP:

721 527 6730… 721 556 8552

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  1. It’s time someone call out these thieves that say the represent out beautiful island on their bullshit it’s time to put them where they belong in jail


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