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The Ongoing Civil War Within The Dutch Kingdom: Holland Government vs. Antillian Government. Antillian Government vs. Its People

There’s an ongoing civil war within the Dutch Kingdom: The Netherlands vs. The Antillian Government – The Antillian Government vs. Its own people!
1) How long are you going to defend abuse by these politicians, just because they are wearing the right colors?
2) Why is it, that everyone has a big mouth in St Maarten, UNTIL it’s time to confront your corrupt government?
3) With all of the reporters and so called journalists, WHY has no one asked this government about where HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars went? It certainly did not ‘trickle’ down to the people.
4) Why is it, you people seem to have a lot to say to me, like I’M the one looting the coffers, as I grin in your face, and call you stupid behind your back?
5) The Government AND Mr. Ottley is LYING to you when they PRETEND like they can renegotiate loan agreements with THE WORLD BANK. They CANNOT renegotiate ANYTHING. The only thing St Maarten is known for is DEFAULTING on INTEREST FREE LOANS….with all kinds repayment ‘grace periods’.
6) I have the video downloaded of Christopher Emmanuel on Oral Gibbs calling the people in charge or the money thieves, accusing the NRPB of stealing. Now, SOMEONE propped up Mr Ottley with this money grab of a proposal, because we all know, that he is barely literate and did NOT come up with this ‘unanimous’ proposal by himself.
7) They formed a Cabal behind the scenes to put together a proposal to legally get their hands on the money meant for home and roof repairs.
8) According to Knops, hundreds of millions have been sent…..where did the money go?
9) My deep, dark sources told me that this money grab is to get money, to replace ALREADY stolen money, to keep certain bigshots out of jail.
10) According to my sources, Holland sent the recovery money, to give the St Maarten government enough rope to Jeffrey Epstein itself.
11) Check out today’s front page. The shell companies and FAKE foundations and Non Profits have been set up. Read today’s Daily Herald CAREFULLY.
12) Just like the ‘Job Wanted’ ads … It’s all a SCAM and a SHAM. THAT MONEY HAS ALREADY FOUND A POCKET. The money is already allocated and routed to family and friends. Now we have to apply like idiots, so that their con looks legit. Why am I wasting my time? Why are you wasting tax dollars on ads, KNOWING that you already have someone lined up for those funds?
13) The Netherlands does want to get rid of this sht government, but they cannot be a part of a coup. All they can do is send money…and drones, and spies and auditors …. All they can do is set out the cheese for the St Maarten Government RATS… Now … the Holland CATS will not catch ALL of the St Maarten government RATS …but they will be
I might blog today….. depends on the mood.

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