Minister of Nepotism Ludmilla de W eever

Video/Audio: Minister of Nepotism Ludmilla de Weever is Running a Country?

Tell Leroy de Weever’s drunk ass to put down the J&B and please come get his delusional horse faced daughter. She is over here neighing that she is busy running a country. Yes, the country of Unqualified-Nepotistonia.

Leroy bullied, threatened and destroyed so many people to promote his sister Millicent to power, his nephew Cornelius, his daughters Eva and Ludmilla, his other nephews, yet these self righteous bitches are strutting proudly, all over St Maarten, like the actually EARNED something, QUALIFIED for something 😂😂😂

Self entitled, Madam Horseface needs to get back to the family business and legacy of USING YOUR NOTARY TO STEAL AND DUPE PEOPLE OUT OF LAND. Every election cycle, Leroy awards you land thieves more positions in government.

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