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Attorney General: Not Enough Evidence To Charge Claudius Toontje Buncamper

The Attorney General with the Supreme Court advices in the cassation filed by Buncamper that there is, briefly put, no evidence that Sen. Buncamper had any involvement with an illegal tax filing. Thus no evidence of culpability for the only one (1) charge, of the eight (8) charges filed against him by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The Charge for which he was convicted and received a fine coupled with some hours of community service.
The advice of the Attorney General is for the Court of Appeals to retrial Sen. Buncamper. In essence, this advice boils down to fully acquit Sen. Buncamper.
The Attorney General however advises to maintain the conviction against Mrs. Maria Buncamper for same charge, but to lower the imposed penalty of 25.000 guilders.
The Supreme Court will decide on March 16, 2021.
After almost 10 years of criminal prosecution of the Buncampers by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, this case is heading towards a full acquittal of Sen. Buncamper.
Furthermore, a fine possibly as per suggestion of the Attorney General of lower than 25.000 guilders against Mrs. Buncamper for a wrongful tax filing. A tax filing that was nota bene prepared by an expert tax consultant, from the Netherlands.
Wouldn’t it have been much more cost-effective, reasonable and equitable, to simply have the Tax Authorities settle this dispute with the Buncampers? This, as was also done for many other large businesses and business persons on the sland.
Maybe the Buncampers should as per the National Ordinance on Openness of a Government request the Public Prosecutor’s Office to state in detail how much money it spent with iits ten plus years of criminal prosecution

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