Wait Til I Actually Start Talking. THEN you can say, I ‘Bad Talk’ You. This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

I love how my house material was STOLEN before anyone even got to my home to do repairs, ALL United Nations funding was pocketed and spent before you even started the job. I love coming home from major surgery, to a destroyed house, then being victimized, then revictimized by my very own people. I love how I was left with an unfinished, about to collapse roof for 2 years. No windows nor doors, open to any type of assault, considering I live on Main Street, considering more than one person tried, and actually succeeded in getting into my house, once as I slept. Now Dey wan say I bad talk dey after dey HELPED ME. I HAVE YET TO START BAD TALKING YOU! YOU HAD TO BE PRESSURED INTO DOING THE RIGHT THING TO COVER FOR YOUR BUDDY. YOU EEN DO ME NO FAVORS, YOU AND YOUR PARTNER DESTROYED MY MOTHERS HOUSE WORSE THAN HURRICANE IRMA. IRMA DAMAGED THE KITCHEN ROOF, Y’ALL DESTROYED EVERYTHING INCLUDING ALL MY NEW CAMERAS, COMPUTERS, GEAR DEVICES EVERYTHING. AYU DESTROYED ALL MY MOTHER PHOTOS, HEIRLOOMS, MEMORIES. YOUR WORKERS PICKED UP ENOUGH STUFF FROM MY HOUSE AFTER THEY DESTROYED EVERTHING. NOW I BAD TALKING YOU AFTER YOU HELP ME? Stay tuned. I will teach you a PHD course on bad talk. For two years I had to beg for help, not knowing when another category 5 hurricane was coming or when my roof was going to cave in. EVERYTHING DOCUMENTED, EVERY CONVERSATION RECORDED. STORED ON A CLOUD. VIDEOS OF PROPERTY AFTER THE ROOFERS MADE A DISASTER OF THE HOME, THEN SAID THEY COULD NOT FINISH, THEY WERE OUT OF FUNDS. For 2 years, anybody could walk in off the main road, stand on my porch and jump over the wall from my porch onto my bed in my bedroom. BECAUSE YOU REMOVED BUT DID NOT REPLACE MY CEILING. There was literally NO WALL between the outside and my bedroom until the RED CROSS FIXED IT. Y’ALL STOLE ENOUGH FROM MY HOUSE AND PARKED IT DOWN BY HIS MOTHER SHOP. AYU ACTUALLY PRETENDING THAT AYU BUY MATERIAL… CORRECTION… AFTER Y’ALL STOLE ALL MY MATERIAL AND COMPLETELY DESTROYED MY HOUSE AND EVERYTHING IN IT. THE RED CROSS GAVE ME A VOUCHER TO REPLACED WHAT HAD BEEN STOLEN AND TO BUY MATERIALS. AYU TRYING TO MAKE ME EMBARRASS AYU. Then they gon call me the bad person, but deen gon ask what AYU do to me. I hope you subscribed to blog, got notifications turned on. If I slander you, take me to court, but you know you can’t sue if it’s true. Ayu think I a poppet show? YOU ARE ENGINEERS. YOU STARTED MY ROOF IN NOVEMBER 2018. YOU HAVE YET TO FINISH MY ROOF… BUT I BAD TALKING YOU? I ended up in hospital, unable to eat, stressed and depressed mid hurricane season, 2 YEARS STILL NO CEILING but you mad at me? I FINALLY got electricity after YEARS in the dark because GEBE will not install electricity in an unstable house, with an unfinished roof or ceiling. POST SURGERY FULL HYSTERECTOMY…. MID SUMMER, HEAT WAVE, IN THE TROPICS. CONVULSING IN THE HEAT FOR YEARS FROM HOT FLASHES DUE TO PREMATURE MENOPAUSE, NOT EVEN A TABLE FAN, BUT YOU MAD AT ME? WHEN YOU TRIED TO KILL ME. Or simply allow me to die of ‘natural causes’ like stress… Or maybe without windows or doors someone could have easily finished me off. It’s only because I have nosey neighbors, that keeps certain opportunists and predators at bay. I’m 5 feet five inches, trying to maintain One Hundred Pounds. I was vulnerable, sick, underweight, stressed, depress, battling back from life saving surgery, AND double pneumonia. Category 5 Irma, but Category 7 VROMI WAS WORSE!

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