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Pt 1: As Long As Holland Continues To Move Its Dirty Prosecutors And Judges Around The Dutch Caribbean Like The Catholic Church Moves Pedophile Priests. The Corruption WILL Continue

1) I asked my Dutch contact in 2015 how it was possible that Holland were all about ethics and good governance when they debated on the floors of Parliament….Yet every Prosecutor, Judge, Court Officer or police officer they sent turned out to be even more crooked, corrupt, incompetent or straight up criminal, than anything we in the Caribbean could ever produce.

2) Her response brought a bit of clarity. When I arrived in Holland, I was shocked by the blatant hypocrisy. People believe that The Tweede Kamer and I were as thick as thieves, that we were friends. No, there were no friendships. The word you are looking for is ‘mutual symbiosis ‘. Holland had been made aware of me through my blogs. Because Sarah Wescot, The Democratic Party and her main advisor, Julian Rollocks PAID The Daily Herald and The Today paper to drag my name, because I would not bow down to Government, and when they refused to pay me after SIX MONTHS OF WORK, I locked them out of their accounts. Then I created HUNDREDS of blogs, pages, groups, sites, but I only uploaded the evidence AFTER they called me a liar. You call me a liar, I will show you verifiable proof. To Holland, the enemy of their enemy is a ‘friend’.

3) Holland was aware that the government emails being uploaded were authentic. The communications PROVED that government was taking $10.000 per business licenses. $1 million+ for banking licenses. Once the evidence was posted, they tried to pay me to delete the sites, after I refused, every few months they were illegally throwing me in jail, then releasing me with zero charges, NO CONVICTIONS.

4) After semi autonomous status was granted to St Maarten on October 10th 2010 The St Maarten Government, led by Theo Heyliger went wild. Theo, Roland Duncan, Patrick Illidge, Romain all believed and acted like semi autonomy meant full independence… it does not. Semi autonomy is Holland giving St Maarten enough rope and money to hang themselves, but when I would write about it, the government simply paid their agents to discredit me by saying I was crazy and on drugs. Mind you… at this time Parliamentarian Romain Laville’s bodyguard, Rogelio Gregory Koieman, had already shipped a container of cocaine to U.S. shores. The DEA already has him AND THE SXM GOVERNMENT under surveillance, the FBI and Interpol wanted him, were forced to extradite him… all while he was a Dutch Sint Maarten Parliamentarian’s bodyguard.

5) They ramped up the money laundering, human trafficking and moving keys. Holland was more than happy to look the other way, considering no one on earth deals more drugs than Holland, Schiphol to Rotterdam Harbor. However, the American authorities were pissed. The issue was the uptick in containers showing up in their ports with hard drugs or worse. It was not marijuana being imported, it was pure uncut drugs, with the potential to kill a lot of Americans. So when the Americans pressured Holland, Holland had to pretend to care.

6) What Holland did not tell the Americans was that they were fully complicit in what was going on in St Maarten. Holland was FULLY aware that the prosecutors and judges were taking bribes or allowing themselves to be blackmailed in order to throw cases.

7) The Dutch contact said, “The Netherlands would NEVER send its best, its brightest, it’s CLEANEST talents and minds to places like Curacao, Aruba or Sint Maarten. No ambitious attorney or civil servant, on an upward career trajectory, would risk their career or reputation by working in the Antilles. The only ‘professionals’, Holland will send are naive, fresh out of college and desperate to add some type of experience to their CV/Resume. The other ‘ethics experts’ and professionals they send to the Caribbean are NO longer employable in the Netherlands. They were censured, busted on ethics violations, moral indiscretions even crimes. They are no longer employable in Holland, but they still have contacts on the inside who can get them a plum job working in the tropics, collecting a fat government check over the table, and even fatter bribes under the table.

8) Not just the court system, mind you. From Bas Roorda, who was kicked out of the Tweede Kamer for ethics violations while in office, only to be sent to Head the St Maarten Finance Department in St Maarten! To report back to Holland any criminal or unethical behaviour he saw! Former Chief of Police Peter de Witte is STILL HIDING OUT IN LOWLANDS. Peter de Witte was a Corrupt Rotterdam police chief who was removed from his position because his crimes, vices and misdeeds were being made public, and he was embarrassing the department with his drinking, gambling and whore mongering among many other things. Had that been a Black, Antillian Police Chief pulling that shit, The Tweede Kamer would NEVER let it go. They would get on the floor blathering about corruption until they turned red in the face. They would use it as an example of corruption in the Antilles and they would tar us all with the same feather… The body rots from the head down, so if the Chief is a criminal, so is his entire department… at least in the eyes of the ‘superior’ Euros in Holland. Did they fire Peter de Witte, give him a bad referral, make him unemployable? NOPE! Through blackmail and bribe the dishonorably discharged former Rotterdam police chief, was made Head of Curacao Immigration.

9) Are you starting to see the problem? So, basically Peter de Witte was ‘demoted’, from being Chief of Police who was in charge of the world’s largest drug shipment port, Rotterdam Harbor, to being in charge of intercepting and confiscating drug shipments making the voyage from South America, to North America and Europe via Curacao. What could possibly go wrong? It almost seems to me that Peter de Witte was sent to Curacao to supervise, not to stop the movement and trade.

10) Then things went wrong for Peter in Curacao, busted again. It’s more difficult in the tiny Caribbean islands for Peter de Witte to play Chief of Police. You cannot pretend to be our moral and ethics authority, when THE ENTIRE POLICE DEPT, the whole island knows your weaknesses, your vices are gambling, liquor and prostitutes.

11) The issues with unethical and criminal behaviour is not a new thing, not just an Antillian thing. The corruption in the Antilles usually starts in Den Haag… The Hague. Our crooked Dutch Caribbean Government learned how to lie, cheat, launder, human trafficking, drug trafficking, cover up all the while hiding their utter incompetence from the BEST….The Dutch/Netherlands/Holland Government.

12) So after Peter de Witte was busted in Curacao did they fire him? Censure him? Give him a bad reference? NOPE!!! Like the Churches and Pedo Priests they PROMOTED him to Chief of Police in Aruba. What could possibly go wrong? He helped to almost destroy Aruba. He assisted serial killer Joran Van der Sloots, Judge father in covering up the murder of Natalie Holloway. The Dutch European Courts of Aruba, the elite worked together to cover up that crime, because it was the son of one of their own… a crooked judge’s son, Joran Van Der Sloot, who had done the crime

13) Holland sends Dutch Euro CROOKS to come to the Caribbean to lecture us on ethics. Then they think we’re stupid for not taking their side in their war with our corrupt government. We can’t take sides because we can’t figure out who’s dirtier Dutch Euro Gov…. or Dutch Carib Gov.

14) Soooooo… AFTER the Aruban disaster was broadcasted 24/7 WORLDWIDE….The disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the cover up. The Dutch elites in the Aruban courts, from Joran’s judge father, to Prosecutor Hans Mos, to Chief de Witte, they almost single handedly destroyed the Aruban tourist economy, simply to cover for a friend’s psychopathic, serial killimg son. They smeared Aruba worldwide. Arubans were not responsible for Natalee Holloway, a Corrupt European court in Aruba was.

15) So did Holland recall it’s gambling whore mongering, bribe taking police chief back to the Netherlands after the fiasco?

16) No… Both criminal Chief of Police Peter de Witte, along with Taco Stein and Hans Mos were PROMOTED. TRANSFERRED TO ST MAARTEN! Where they started to harrass, intimidate, threaten, detain, arrest and assault ME!!! Why? Because when the Chief was robbed and had his gun stolen by those Princess Casino hookers, I wrote about it. When he impregnated the hooker I blogged about it, when they sent proof that he was LIVING at the Turk Casino, I wrote about it. He ran a scam with his brother in Rotterdam, lost the court case, I blogged about it. He kept arresting me, then he tried to pay me off. Then he arrested me twice in 2015 on bogus charges, but before they could take me from my home to the police station the Tweede Kamer was already up their ass. Not because the Tweede Kamer cared about me, they cared about my hard drives

17) This is not hearsay or rumours. Bas Roorda was my liaison with the Tweede Kamer. Imagine my shock when Parliamentarians Andre Bosman and Ronald Van Raak invited me to the Tweede Kamer to discuss corruption in the Dutch Antilles, then tell me my liaison would be the guy kicked put of Dutch government for ethical failures. I certainly saw the irony, but I was trapped in literal hell, so I had to play along even when things weren’t making sense.

13) I refused to work for the Holland government, and they tried to punish me for that. They tried to hire me, but before I got to Holland, while I was in Curacao, they warned me about the Tweede Kamer but it was too late. Then I get to Holland and found out exactly how much I’d been lied to. I inboxed Ronald and Andre two words…’Cognitive Dissonance’!!! It’s when someone is preaching one thing while blatantly doing the opposite. Then Bas Roorda is asking me… “Where’s Peter de Witte?” After the St Maarten fiasco, Holland recalled de Witte back to the Netherlands to answer questions. That was in 2015! Holland knowingly sent a criminal to be our police chief. Then they sent Bouwman to find out what was wrong in the Police Dept. Gamali Benjamin told the Netherlands police chief, Bouwman EXACTLY what was wrong at the KPSM Police department, and was gunned down weeks later. To this day, Peter de Witte is hiding out by the French/Dutch border, AFRAID to return to Holland, and Holland is to ashamed to arrest him because he’s one of their own..

14) Too late I discovered I had jumped from the frying pan on to the stove. Holland is just as bad as the Antilles, if not worse. They are simply more discreet than islanders. I got job offers. I could have had life very easy in Holland… IF I had gone along… wink wink

That’s part 1. Part 2 is going to be about the guy in the photo. Remember what I said about the Catholic Church and Pedo Priests?


Ton Maan appointed new attorney general

Former Chief Prosecutor in St. Maarten Ton Maan will be the new attorney general at the Prosecutor’s Office of Curaçao and St. Maarten and of Bonaire, St. Eustatius, and Saba, as of April 1, 2021.

Maan was nominated for the position of attorney general by Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus, also on behalf of his colleagues Quincy Girigorie in Curaçao and Anna Richardson in St. Maarten.

Maan is no stranger to the islands in the Dutch Caribbean. He was St. Maarten’s chief prosecutor between 2015 and 2018.

He has been working for the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office since 1989. At the moment he is employed at the “Functioneel Parket” in Amsterdam, which is a specialist, nationally operating division of the Prosecutor’s Office, which focuses on combating complex fraud cases, environmental crimes, and on settling complex confiscation cases. From 2018 until 2020, senior prosecutor Maan was a team leader in the fight against undermining crimes in Amsterdam.

Maan is the successor of Roger Bos, whose term as attorney general has expired after a period of reappointment. Similar to his predecessor Guus Schram, Bos was appointed for a period of three years. Bos’ term was due to expire in September 2020, but he stayed on for some time longer while the search for a suitable successor continued.

to be continued…

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