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Pt 2: Holland Wants Us To Do As They Say, Not As They Do. TRY Leading By EXAMPLE!

1) Our Dutch Sint Maarten government is about to collapse again. I will list the reasons why in my next blog. Based on my direct contact and communication with the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch Government and the St Maarten Government, I can say with confidence that Holland is a HUGE part of the problem. I can even take it further by saying that most of the instability and corruption issues in the Dutch Caribbean begin in the Netherlands. Let’s call a spade a spade. Holland needs to quit bloviating on the floors of Parliament about corruption in the Antillian Government and Police Department, when they are the catalyst, they are a part of it. The corruption and criminal activity STARTS in The Hague/Den Haag.

2) St Maarten and the other Dutch islands are experiencing cognitive dissonance in their relationship with the Netherlands. Holland wants to know why we the people, the voters don’t heed their advice. Why we continue to elect the same criminal, incompetent trash, over and over again. Well…. first things first…….. YOU LEAD BY EXAMPLE! The Tweede Kamer is gaslighting The Antilles, when they preach one thing, as we WATCH them continue to do the opposite of what they preach. Holland sends people convicted of ethical violations like Bas Roorda to St Maarten after he has been kicked out of Holland government, and is no longer employable. So they sent him HERE to oversee the ‘intellectually inferior,’ Dutch St Maarteners. He pops up in St Maarten to supervise and lecture US about good governance and ethics. His job is collecting info from the Finance department proving criminal and unethical activity, GETTING LOCALS ARRESTED FOR THE SAME SHIT HE GOT PROMOTED FOR. So how are Dutch Caribbean islanders supposed to react when Holland sends a known CROOK to head the Finance Department? How are we supposed to listen to the advice of Holland when they ignore their own advice. Do as I say, not as I do…

3) Corruption starts at the head, at the top. Holland sends a police chief who was removed from his position in Holland due to his conduct. Holland sends Police officers to the Antilles that, due to their record… CANNOT be officers in Holland, and they think we are idiots who can’t see that. Police, prosecutors, attorneys who are unemployable in the Netherlands, they ship them here. Then they party in their Zwarte Piet Blackface… and tell us ALL IN THE DUTCH KINGDOM ARE TREATED EQUALLY. Because we are too slow to see the disparity within the Dutch Kingdom. St Maarteners know their government are crooks, but we also know that the Holland government are ALSO crooks… Crooks who think that we are to dumb to see what is actually going on. Holland complains that we re elect the same crooked government, as they continue to send disbarred lawyers, criminal police chiefs, prosecutors and judges with violations to judge and condemn us. Former Judge and Prosecutor Cor Merx, committed so many crimes that when he got busted he tried to burn down the Prosecutors Office. He went to prison, now he is prancing in and out of OUR court of law in his judicial robes… REPRESENTING LAW AND ORDER INSTEAD OF BEING DISBARRED! Holland not only sends the Antilles the worst of their trash, once they mess up down here, they simply rotate the criminals between the 6 islands. BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE A MAKAMBA, ONLY IF YOU ARE WHITE, THEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT! Rules for me, but not for thee…

2) The true definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. St Maarteners will stick to the abusive, thieving politicians that they know, rather than dealing with abusive, criminal politicians from the Netherlands that They don’t know. Why change, when it’s the same old bullshit, just different characters and accents. Islanders fear change, so they tolerate the same bullshit, from the same politicians… Year after year. St Maarteners are the only idiots trusting and electing politicians freshly released from jail, freshly convicted, under investigation. They feel that they don’t have much of a choice. Then they act stunned when they elect criminals to government, and the government commits crime. The laws have to change. If you are under investigation, have a felony conviction you cannot run. Only in St Maarten we have JUDGES, PROSECUTORS, POLITICIANS ARRESTED, INDICTED, CONVICTED, INCARCERATED… They are released… back into Parliament, back into the court house, TO SERVE THE PEOPLE AND PRACTICE LAW!

3) St Maarteners have to accept their share of the blame also: Theo Heyliger was busted stealing millions, he could not run this election, so you elected his untrustworthy, duplicitous, scheming wife Grisha Marten instead? Leroy de Weever, the abusive, woman beating, land stealing alcoholic was KICKED out of government after he robbed and assaulted the last female, ON CAMERA. He can’t run…So you appoint his high bottomed niece, Cornelius and his two Horse Faced unqualified, incompetent, nepotism appointments only daughters, Eva and Ludmilla? Instead of rounding up the entire scandalous, land thieving, abusive De Weever clan, you are appointing them based ONLY on last name? And still wonder why our government can NEVER get it’s shit together. I have a MASSIVE BLOG ABOUT THE DE WEEVERS COMING SOON.

4) So Holland is acting all Holy and mighty on the pulpit, but they are as bad or worse than the local government. How can you stand on the floors of Parliament to complain about corruption in our government, when WE SEE you doing a lot worse?

5) Dear Holland…. as long as you continue to appoint and send CRIMINALS and CROOKS to the islands, there will be issues. You sent one judge kicked out of Aruba for young boys. You didn’t fire him, you didn’t arrest him, you sent him to St Maarten, where he effed up, so you then sent him to Curacao! The same Prosecutors Office that sullied our courts, you are now sending to Bonaire, Saba and Statia. You recycle the same criminal garbage, year after year. Then you stand on the floor of Parliament and pretend like the issue lies only with the islanders. You appoint crooked governors, you appoint dirty prosecutors, unethical judges and criminal Police who are NO longer allowed to work in Holland. You send Supervisors, overseers, ethics investigators with their own ethical and criminal violations, and you expect the islanders to swallow it, no questions asked. Every year you send more crooks to supervise and guide us into the sewer, then you lay the blame squarely on the islanders.

6) If our COURTS are not clean, if they are FILLED WITH SCUM, MAKAMBA FILTH that YOU sent…HOW CAN WE BE CLEAN?

7) You send a bunch of RACIST, CORRUPT, CRIMINAL police officers starting with the Chief, to the islands to clean up crime. Then act stunned when the murders go up, and he’s getting hookers pregnant, taking bribes from the mafia and living at the casino.

8) You continue to recycle the same bribe taking prosecutors as you complain about our corrupt judicial system…. that YOU appointed. You continue to send racist, abusive officers who do not like minorities, to islands made up of minorities. Then you pretend that you don’t know what the problem is, or that the problem lies with us.

9) If you truly want to clean up corruption in the Antilles, you must start in Den Haag. If you cannot see YOUR blame, the part YOU play in corruption… Then you need to STFU! You are the catalyst to the problem, lecturing us about a solution, and that’s why we cannot take you seriously. As far as Holland is concerned their hands are CLEAN. If Holland cannot even admit their share of the corruption blame, they cannot tell us how to fix it.

10) tbc…

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