KLM still flies long-haul flights To St Maarten and Antilles

KLM still flying long-haul flights to St Maarten and Antillen.
SCHIPHOL (ANP) – KLM will still be flying long-haul flights on Saturday. These include flights to the Netherlands Antilles, Canada, the United States, India and Mexico, according to the flight schedule on Schiphol’s website.

On Friday, KLM said it is still looking for a solution to the problem of the rapid test for staff. There is a feverish consultation, the airline said. “If that doesn’t lead to anything, it will be very difficult to continue longer flights,” said a spokesman. “In that case, their own crew might have to stay behind and KLM refuses that from the point of view of good employment practices.”

The requirement for a negative rapid test does not apply to a number of safe countries and the Netherlands Antilles. KLM does not fly to a number of those safe countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Rwanda, but does fly to countries such as China, Thailand and South Korea. For all other destinations, it is still uncertain whether KLM can continue to fly there.

KLM is now consulting with RIVM about an exemption for crews from the fast test for other regions. Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure) had already said that exceptions are possible, provided they are safe.

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