The Curacao Police Wants To Pay You A Big Reward To Tell Them, Which One Of Them Cleaned Out Their Drug Lockers Of ALL That Cocaine!👀

Breaking News!The Curacao Police Department has UPPED the reward money. The Curacao Police wants to reward you, if you can tell them, which one of THEIR OFFICERS stole all the drugs from THEIR police station lockers. Curacao is right next to Colombia…. They stole a LOT of drugs. Some criminals with the assistance of insiders at the Curacao Police Station, cleaned out the Curacao Police Station, the perfect inside job. Now… The Curacao Police Department wants to REWARD you, for snitching on the Curacao Police Department🤷‍♀️ They just upped the reward money for information about their participation in their own drug heist. Call me crazy, but maybe the police just want to know, who knows what about their drug heist. I mean, if I stole a thousand pounds of cocaine, I might get paranoid too. The fact that they are now upping the reward, tells me the the stolen drugs are already on the street turning a profit. They can affording to UP the reward for info right now, they must be rolling in dough. Then they like to pretend that witnesses don’t come forward because of intimidation….NAH… Witnesses don’t come forward because they know that sometimes the Culprits, the Perpetrators the SUSPECTS…are the police…🤷‍♀️
The Public Prosecution Service in Curaçao has increased the reward for information about the drug robbery of hundreds of kilos of cocaine from the Rio Canario police station on the island. Not 20,000, but 30,000 guilders is available for the golden tip. The people who have reported to date did not have the information that led to a solution of this case. Although the tips received so far contained a lot of information, apparently not everyone has enough confidence to share information with the team.

Hereby the Public Prosecution again asks the public to pay attention to the case, noting that the information that people give about this criminal case will be handled with the utmost care, and of course also with the people who are willing to do so. In addition to the previous press release, the Public Prosecution Service is now also enabling informants to call the Public Prosecution Service directly with information about this case. A public prosecutor has been specially appointed for this, who will put you on the line immediately. The special number is +5999 521-2109. This number is only available for information related to this drug robbery. You can also call or whatsapp to number: +5999 521 3865. Or anonymously to +5999 679 2896.

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