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1) Apparently there was a hit and run involving the Minister of Justice last night. Not the first time, considering when Roland Duncan was Minister, his mistress Marina Serrant hit a toddler, while driving his Ministry car, tried to pay off the parents to keep it out of the news… but I digress. She is saying that the SMMC REFUSED SERVICE…If that is true, then SMMC has to answer, but as usual there would be theories as to why she did the wrong thing…

2) Why did she not take the victim directly to the hospital, why take them to the police station? In the OPPOSITE DIRECTION? Well as Minister of Justice she took them to people she is in charge of, she is in charge of the police. That could be why..

3) Why not take them to the Medical Center for treatment… ask yourself, who is the Minister in charge of Health….?? What is their party affiliation?

4) Government is shaky people are taking sides. The group wanting to bring government down only needs a few more defectors to come to their side, but trying to avoid scandal at the risk if someone losing a life is a bad decision.

5) I don’t Minister Richardson’s mother to pull up outside my gate, to lecture me about slander and bad talk. AGAIN!! As a neutral party, I feel if what is stated is true, she did the wrong thing, because of POLITICS. Fear of scandal? The one thing that resonates with me from childhood is that you never move an injured person. There could be internal bleeding, organ damage. You moving them could kill them. So like my cousin said between SMMC and The Ministry, someone is lying.

6) Before the only scandal she had was hitting a pedestrian, but her actions after might actually be the straw that breaks the St Maarten Government camel’s back.

7) If Anna has the intelligence to become a Minister, then she knows she is NOT allowed to pick up a hit and run victim…PERIOD! YOU CALL 911… THAT’S all you are supposed to do. You don’t them on a detour away from the hospital, to people who work for you.

8) You are supposed to be at the scene of the crime, police and ambulance comes, they have to test your blood alcohol level. Did they? I doubt that they would cross THEIR BOSS by doing a breathalyzer on her right then and there.

9) I have never been on the anti-Anna bandwagon. I’m neutral about her, she has never crossed me.

10) But from tampering with evidence, to leaving the scene of an accident, RISKING SOMEONE’S LIFE… so that your SUBORDINATES in the police dept would handle an issue meant for the SMMC.

What can I say, she should have let it play out, let the Medical Center do its job. I really believe, she is in trouble there will be charges from the Dutch Detectives, the Lands Recherche etc etc.

Wow…. dumbest move ever!

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