land hungry de Weever's of St Maarten an exhibition in nepotism

New Government Is Falling Blog… NEW Blog with Audio, Video, Email Starring Sxm’s greediest, Land Hungry, Land Thieving De Weevers, Starring MILLICENT,LEROY and Fam

Good morning, when people are literally trying to kill you, you can lie down and die or you can at least try to kill them back. If you were in my last Whatsapp contact that phone was stolen. So new phone, New whatsapp group chat. 721 580 0514 …add me on Whatsapp and tell me who you are. Mind you, there is a reason that I’m posting in a whatsapp group, BEFORE Facebook group. Because some of the things being said are conjecture, there are theories, some melee punging etc… It’s a very informal group and you will remain anonymous.
Some people got a sampling of the latest blog series:

‘Rolando Brison,Christopher Emmanuel & Friends Vs. Silveria and Her Gang.
Too much info is almost as bad as not enough info, right now there is a lot to digest. And you have to consider that every source has their own perspective, some are motivated by OTHERS, some are Red Herrings who try to feed you misinformation to discredit you. That’s why if I am being fed the wrong info, and they catch me all I can do is apologize and correct or delete. If I make a mistake that needs to be corrected you can contact me DIRECTLY, and ask for a correction or deletion. If you come disrespectful…Yes, you will be disrespected. It’s funny to me how people will comment with the most disrespectful b.s. and are completely shocked and appalled when I give as good as I get. Well, as You can see, I’m gradually switching from St Maarten News to Judith Roumou. St Maarten News is supposed to stay above it all. But Judith Roumou is a pig who loves mud. So you can come in with your mud slinging, don’t act shocked when you realize I LOVE rooting around in the mud, I just love it. One of my favorite pass times. I have a university education from Illinois, but I’m from St Peters and Marigothill. I’m a Marigot hill Roumou. So here is an idea, a sampling of what WE are up to, because its more than me… a sampling of what might be in the upcoming blog out government instability. :
1) Silveria actually thought Rolando was her friend or at least a good political ally, turns out he got into her good graces because he wanted what she had… to head the St Maarten Government.
2) How did Rolando Brison pass screening to become Minister? Did he do a Mea Culpa, apologize and Pay restitution, like he was supposed to?
3) Who are the people screening these politicians? We need names, we need to figure out if people are being bribed or blackmailed into allowing felons and other unscrupulous individuals to lead government.
4) In St Maarten of you don’t steal, and you struggle… you don’t sell dope or poke so you are not wearing the best clothes or shoes… BOIII you should hear how they talk about you…
BUT… If you steal, and look flashy when you commit crime, THEY PROMOTE YOU. Rolando went from Embezzling LIAT, to Parliamentarian with USP. His leader is arrested… he is the new LEADER of USP… but wait. Both leaders have been arrested, Both Frans and Theo were arrested…But Rolando’ s excuse was Frans’arrest…What about Theo’ s arrest? According to USP, you truly did a number on the guy who brought you in and taught you every dirty trick… Frans, until you got a better offer from UP… The politicians lie so easily, because they know how gullible the St Maarten voter is…
One perspective is that it is the YOUNG TURKS in government making the government unstable.. Bullshit!!! Every young Turk has a puppet master controlling them. Is Doran York making his own decisions unilaterally??? Every move Egberto makes is strategic, and older heads are carefully controlling his moves. Is Melissa Gumbs a puppet master or a puppet? Hakeem…. So I guess that’s enough of a teaser for blog series 1
Here and just about every where, you are either predator or prey… or both. Everyone in government thought I was the easiest prey. Dumb, stupid, retarded, slow, dotin. Those are just a few adjectives that they used to describe me…. Until the predator became the prey. The only thing stopping me from protecting my property physically, is that I’m sick and tired of jail. Jail cannot scare me, but it can bore me. I haven’t fought physically in 20 years, it’s a choice … It’s not cowardice… It’s a choice. The youth trying to antagonize me, believe I’m easy prey. Millicent de Weever, Cornelius de Weever, Leroy de Weever, Eva de Weever, Ludmilla de Weever, Nini de Weever… in 2015, when they along with the gang had me arrested, detained… They took and killed my animals, because they had already taken and killed my mom in March 2012… ONE DAY AFTER SOMEONE WITHDREW THOUSANDS FROM HER BANKBOOK…
Understand, that when I finish my blog entitled: ‘NEPOTOCRACY: The Curse Of The Unscrupulous, Land Hungry, Land Thieving, Never Enough, Never satisfied, Unethical, Woman Abusing de Weever Clan. ‘ I know that the title is a bit long, but this will be a masterpiece. I’m not their only victim… AUDIO,VIDEO, EMAIL, OTHER VICTIMS EMAILS, CONTRACTS AND DOCUMENTS.
DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY LEROY DR WEEVER, HIS INBRED DAUGHTERS AND SISTER TRIED TO JAIL ME, AND MUCH MORE… THE DR WEEVER’S HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO ELIMINATE ME…WHY? Sometime after my mom died, I was wandering around in town just for air conditioning. I had my cameras and I SPOTTED 2 OF MY COUSINS DEEP IN CONVERSATION… PATRICK ILLIDGE AND LEROY DR WEEVER. All I knew was that I had gotten a nice exclusive shot of two politicians from two parties. Sitting down for lunch. I was too new to the St Maarten political game to realise the only reason any government gets together outside of Parliament to dine with the opposition… IS TO BRING DOWN GOVERNMENT’S. I posted the photo not knowing that they were plotting the FIRST Government fall. Now EVERYONE KNEW WHAT WAS UP, BUT ME. Leroy demanded I remove the photo. I told St Maarten’s most powerful and prolific serial woman beater… “NO!” I’m not Cornelius your niece, a so called grown man, yet you cuff him down if he steps out of line? Same way you physically assaulted your own sister in the middle of a campaign, because you were wasted drunk, and she was more popular than you. SHOW ME ONE PERSON LEROY DR WEEVER HAS AROUND HIM THAT HE HAS NOT DRUNKENLY ASSAULTED. THEN WHEN HE COULD NOT FINISH ME OFF, HE HAD MILLICENT THE THIEF AT THE NOTARY TRY TO FINISH ME OFF IN MY HOSPITAL BED IN MAASTRICHT. This will be a very looong saga, with too many facts..and evidence. When Leroy de Weever kicked me in my stomach on camera to steal my Tablet, because he think he would be able to REMOVE ANYTHING FROM MY BLOG that he didn’t like. He thought he would gain access to my sources. What he got was criminal charges, and a spectacular fall from. Men like Leroy who spend their lives beating their mother, wife and DAUGHTERS think that they can get away with it. I have the video of then Parliamentarian Leroy de Weever, kicking me in my tumors. I literally was hemorrhaging from kilos of fibroid tumors, after he kicked me it got so bad, HOLLAND rushed me to Holland for surgery. The day the military came to my house to escort me away from the danger, is the day I found out I was going to Holland. BUT WHO’S CALLING AND HARASSING ME, IN MY HOSPITAL BED AND HAVING OTHER PEOPLE HARASS ME??? MILLICENT DE WEEVER. HER STINKING BROTHER WHO BEAT HER LIKE A DOG, DID NOT SUCCEED WITH THE KICK. I’m laid up in Maastricht hospital, they just remove 11 kilos of tumors. I survive surgery… who’s calling me from St Maarten? MILLICENT DE WEEVER. To let me know as NOTARY they were going to take my house because I was in Holland for emergency surgery. WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR THE AUDIO, READ THE CONVERSATIONS AND EMAILS. THEN you will understand why I had to BLOG THE TRUTH IN ITS ENTIRETY ABOUT MY DEMONIC FAMILY, FROM THE SATAN SIDE OF THE FAMILY. I WILL remove all of their mask, you will see that there is nothing pretty behind it.

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