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WINAIR Receives $3 Million Mortgage Loan. Ministers Feel That The Airline Is Fundamentally Sound

1) The Ministers took questions from two parties, the SP and the CDA. I posted the questions and answers yesterday, so they are easy to find once you scroll down.

2) Knops felt that if not for the current pandemic, WINAIR would not not a bail out, thus the 3 million mortgage loan was approved.

3)Along with the answers to Parliamentary questions about Winair, Minister Knops included a 29 page attachment called ‘Project Titan’.

4) Project Titan is a definitive business plan, for a mysterious St Maarten Airline that NO ONE seems to have heard of. It could be a mock up plan🤷‍♀️

5) Some feel that maybe Winair was struggling so much that the Dutch were planning to rent and it along with the mortgage loan.

6) However, although the Titan Project was sent as part of the answers to the CDA and SP… NO WHERE is WINAIR mentioned in the Titan plans, and nowhere is Titan mentioned in the question and answers that were exchanged between the Ministers and the Parliamentarians.


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