Melissa Gumbs Marcel Gumbs

40 DOCUMENTS: According to 2020 Report, Marcel Gumbs Is In Charge Of Hurricane Funding. $305 MILLION SPENT. 19 ROOFS FIXED IN 4 YEARS! READ IT YOURSELF!

Person in charge of Irma funding as you can see in documents is Marcel Gumbs. So the person in charge of funding NIPA is Marcel Gumbs. The NIPA letter evidently came from his daughter’s group. Then I’m being told repeatedly, his daughter is accusing me…. So I did some digging. This is only 40 documents. There are literally THOUSANDS OF DOCUMENTS proving who what I say is true. Somebody don’t like Peggy🤔 and they don’t like me. This is the fourth day in a row I hearing that fat B with an Itch, got my name in her political shit. WHO WILL CALL FOR AN INVESTIGATION AND AUDIT OF IRMA FUNDS? They told Holland 200 ROOFS, they fixed 19… family, friends and supporters. ALLA DEM TIEF!!!!

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