Melissa Gumbs

Video Melissa Gumbs: This Is Me, This Is My Work. Keep My Name In Your Mouth. Ask Marcel How Fckin With Judith Worked Out For Him In 2015 (Deep Fake)

Some asshole wrote a letter about NIPA. I suspect that asshole is Melissa Gumbs or someone in her party. Why would I say that? Because everyone is telling me that Melissa is accusing ME.

1) It’s a political hitjob using WhatsApp. It came from Melissa’s Whatsapp chat group, therefore it’s her or someone she knows. I have LESS than 20 contacts in my WhatsApp.

2) Nobody knew there was a WhatsApp message until Melissa Gumbs posted on Facebook distancing herself from the ‘slander’…. NOBODY knew what she was talking about so we all did some digging.

3) Somebody wants Peggy Ann out at NIPA, that’s obvious, but what does that have to do with me? Melissa Gumbs coming in like Pontius Pilate washing her hands of the mess that it seems only she could have created.

4) Marcel Gumbs is in charge of $500 Million plus in Hurricane Irma funding. In 4 years, he’s blown over $300 MILLION! There is still over $100 million. THEY FIXED 19….NINETEEN ROOFS IN SINCE 2017. JUDITH DID NOT RECEIVE A PENNY. NOT ONE RED CENT FROM DRUNKEN MARCEL OR MORBIDLY OBESE MELISSA, SO WHAT HORSE DO I HAVE IN THIS RACE?

5) I will stay broke and skinny, stay FAT and scheming Melissa. The fat apple don’t fall far from the drunken tree.

6) Remember when your drunken father, FORMER Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs came after ME in 2015? And I roundhouse kicked him out of government less than a month later?

7) Your fat ass coming in now like Captain Save-a-Ho… A fat saviour flying in on her fat broomstick to save Peggy Ann Dros from me. But the only person benefiting from that letter is you, pretending like you taking the higher road by denouncing the letter before anyone even knew about it.

8) Before I was even aware of WhatsApp note I’ve been told that Melissa Gumbs up and down saying its me.

9) I ain’t never messed with this fat bitch, but I fcked up her father in 2015

10) Melissa thinks putting my name in her shit will benefit her, I can guarantee her it will cost her votes.

11) Melissa name is in the Note, her father is in charge of blowing the money. They are all in cahoots because they want the NIPA funds, GEBE funds etc. They have allocated hundreds of millions to different projects under different NGO’s and Government organizations. People in charge of those places not cooperating with them in their money grab, so they want to replace them. They put out a letter to get Peggy fired, frame me, make Melissa Gumbs the hero, while Marcel Gumbs her dad is in charge. When is Melissa gonna ask Parliament to INVESTIGATE THE MILLIONS IN MISSING IRMA FUNDS? MISSING FUNDS THAT MARCEL GUMBS, MELISSA GUMBS DRUNKEN DADDY IS IN CHARGE OF….$305 MILLION DOLLARS, 4 YEARS… 19 ROOF REPAIRS. Melissa needs to be asking daddy where hundreds of millions went, not trying to entangle me in her bullshit. Ohhhh what a tangled web we weave, when we only practice to deceive…

12) Who has the most to benefit, who has the most to gain? I am not the one to drag into your malicious bullshit, do you hear me, Melissa? Keep putting my name is this shit, and I will show you what I can do online.

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