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Video: Where Are The St Maarteners’ Personal Covid 19 Stimulus Checks? Where Did The $305 Million Dollars Go, Marcel Gumbs?

1) We asked Former Prime Minister, Marcel where $305. MILLION dollars went, in 4 years. His Off-White ass did NOT answer, instead he’s in the paper babbling on about ‘Colonialism’. He told Holland that they were putting the money towards 200 new roofs, in 2018, after Hurricahe Irma… since then they’ve completed 19…. NINETEEN roofs. We are now in 2021!

2) When is Parliamentarian Melissa Gumbs going to ask HER DADDY those questions? She only has the energy, it seems… to run viral WhatsApp campaigns against her enemies. Another Wannabe Machiavelli.

3) Former P.M. Marcel Gumbs is in the papers reminiscing about some letter he wrote to Rutte six years ago about colonization….Who suppressed BLACK ST MAARTENERS MORE THAN CLAUDE WATHEY AND THE DP, which included Marcel Gumbs? Decades being run as an oligarchy. Only the wealthy, with the right names, the so called light skinned elites got anything.

4) The WHITEST Black man in St Maarten. The most incompetent sack of shit who benefited from Colonialism, Marcel Gumbs is talking about Colonialism, like his sell out ass did not benefit from colonialism, nepotism, cronyism, racism, classism, COLORISM!

5) If Marcel was actually BLACK, he never would have made it in St Maarten government. Marcel was always one of Sarah’s puppet Mulattos on her DP slate. One of Sarah’s crotchfruit, always neatly tucked between her quarters next to Leroy de Weever and Roy Marlin. Toontje Buncamper, Marcel Gumbs, Perry Geerlings, Marietje Buncamper… the list goes on.

6) Empty headed, but greedy and the right skin color. Sarah’s little minions. Name one thing Marcel got in government that Sarah didn’t give him? Now all of these raised White, local Caucasian Macos up and down starting grassroots organizations. Saying Holland is colonizing us, like the Claude Wathey/ Sarah Wescot DP and their red skinned minions didn’t abuse us more than the Dutch. All of these Red skinned RACIST bitches like Toontje and Marietje and the gang suddenly turned Black Revolutionaries after they were arrested. THESE OFF-WHITE MAKAMBAS DON’T EVEN LIKE BLACK FOLKS, THEY DON’T LIKE YOUR BLACKASS, they like your VOTE.

7)When is Holland going to quit pissing away the 500 million, and AUDIT where $305 MILLION has been spent? SHOW ME WHERE $305 MILLION WENT! Mingo alla dem, they are not appointing your Black ass to the Supervisory Board, you not getting the airport or harbor… look who always gets it….. They appoint their own. Then when they get busted and go to prison they suddenly find their Black roots.

8) Find out who’s funding these bogus organisation. It seems they are collecting Dutch funds then creating these Foundations or LLC to wash hundreds of millions. Unless someone in Holland got their cut of the 500million to stay quiet… WHY is no one asking any questions

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