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Aruba Investigates Rapid Rise In COVID 19 Deaths. 6 Dead in 3 Days. 2 New Variants found

In Aruba this week, six patients who were infected with Covid-19 died in three days. There are more than usual and the reasons for this are currently being investigated. That’s what the government’s special corona crisis team said. By way of comparison, three patients died in the first week of February.

In total, 68 people have died in Aruba since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The number of active infections was 329 on Wednesday, February 10. According to the RIVM, several infections with the British variant of the corona virus and three cases of the California West Coast variant have been discovered on the island.

In the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital have admitted sixteen patients with corona, five of them in intensive care. Their average age is 63 years.

Two corona variants discovered in Aruba

2 variants of the corona virus have been discovered in Aruba. It concerns at least 10 cases of the British variant and 3 cases of the so-called California West Coast mutation. This emerges from analyzes by the RIVM. These are infections that were diagnosed in January. All persons concerned are now virus-free.

Stricter measures
The British variant was first registered on the island at the end of January. Curaçao, among others, introduced stricter measures for air traffic to and from Aruba. The number of corona infections in Aruba has since decreased. On Tuesday, 318 infections were registered. On January 25, when the British variant was first registered on the island, there were 391.

The California West Coast mutation is a relatively new variant of the coronavirus, with 1,200 cases recently discovered in the US state of California. Little is known about it yet. American media is talking about “a very contagious mutant.”

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