Nederlandse Antillen

So These Dutch Crew Members Tested Positive For Covid 19 In St Vincent…But You Sent Them To St Maarten Anyway🐒???

They were in shock this week, at the sailing educational organization Masterskip De Wylde Swan. One of the crew members suddenly received a positive corona test after a test on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent.

The crew member was then re-tested by the ship’s doctor with a rapid test. This one was negative. Yet all other 41 crew members were subsequently subjected to a rapid test: all negative as

It would have been special, a corona case on the archipelago in which Masterskip sails is a big exception: since the outbreak of the crisis, only around 1000 infections have been reported within the entire archipelago.

There was surprise on the ship when the news arrived. “First of all, this test at Saint Vincent had already been taken a week ago. After a week we thought it was time to actively ask about the results. Immediately afterwards the 41 negative and this one positive result arrived ”, says Christophe Meijer of Masterskip.

A special protocol came into effect immediately. “The impact of such a false positive test is enormous. We switch directly to our protocol. That is quite tough, ”says Meijer.

When the group subsequently arrived on Sint Maarten, everyone was tested again, again all negative. Then it was concluded that it was a false positive test.

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