Natalee 3


Van der Sloot, along with his girlfriend Eva Pacohuanaco and accomplices, is said to have smuggled nearly 300 grams of cocaine and 140 grams of marijuana into the prison in Juliaca. Pacohuanaco delivered food to the prisoner, including nineteen beets, in August. The drugs turned out to be in those vegetables. Pacohuanaco says she was not aware of this, but prosecutors are also demanding her eighteen years for drug trafficking.

In the Caribbean we call this serious obeah. He thought he got away with murder. The entire European Aruban judicial system and police department was on Joran’s side, because his father, the judge was their pal.

They got away with ‘disappearing’ a CHILD…. but soon after….

a) He gave an interview in Holland, admitting to a conspiracy.

b) He flew to Peru to get away from the scrutiny, and murdered another girl. This time he was NOT in a Dutch country… NO PROTECTION FROM JUDGE DADDY .

c) With his second arrest in Peru for murder, his judge father had a heart attack and died.

d) He received 28 years in a Peruvian prison, where he got a girlfriend and had a baby….. BUT WHERE’S NATALEE?

e) So he was just busted as a drug kingpin in that Peruvian Prison. Prosecutors want 18 years added to his 28 year sentence. Now, I’m horrible with math but I think that’s a 46 year stint.

f) Knowing that this serial killer wannabe drug dealer cannot stay out of trouble, I doubt he will make it out. Right now the family is PAYING for his protection, paying for everything. But they can’t pay forever

g) Karma is deep, and God never sleeps. Had Joran confessed to unintentional manslaughter, 2nd degree homicide etc…etc…The MAXIMUM time he would have served in a luxe Dutch prison would be FIVE years. And his father was a judge, so he would have been protected, and he might have served 2 YEARS.

h) His father was a judge, whose best friend was the police chief. So they thought they were God. Joran just had his first bout of Covid19 in prison… Now the father is dead, a heart attack triggered by his son’s murder in Peru. The criminal police chief continues to hide out LOWLANDS right on the Dutch French border, AFRAID to return to Holland even though he was recalled to Den Haag, The Hague in 2015! They thought that they were God. Rather than 2 years luxe living in Dutch Prison, it looks like almost 50 years will be spent as someone’s pretty bitch, in a Peruvian prison.

I know Natalee’s mother prays EVERY DAY!

February 12, 2021 Prosecutors in Peru demand eighteen years and four months in prison against Joran van der Sloot. He would be seen by the judicial authorities there as the coordinator of drug smuggling to prison. The Dutchman has already served a 28-year sentence for the 2010 murder of a 21-year-old Peruvian girl. Van der Sloot was previously suspected of involvement in the disappearance of 18-year-old American Natalee Holloway in Aruba in 2005. But he has never been tried for that.

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