Netherlands Vs Former Antilles

Mark Rutte: “The Dutch Will Not Apologize For Slavery!”

Of course not. Between Holland and Belguim, MILLIONS of Africans were maimed, abused, enslaved. They chopped off their hands for trophies and worse! You are FORBIDDEN, it is a CRIME to disavow the Holocaust. But they are the ONLY countries who need Black face at Christmas, Zwarte Piet. Then these very same brutal, racist MAKAMBAS. Act appalled and call you a RACIST when you call them a makambas. Makambas are Colonial, Apartheid, Slavery, Black face loving TRASH. Like Rutte, Bosman and the gang. Lower than Nazis. Much lower. This is 2021 not 1945, not 1792

The caretaker Rutte cabinet will not apologize to the relatives of slaves from Surinam, the Antilles or Indonesia for enslaving their ancestors.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said this on Friday. He emphasizes that he fully understands the wish for excuses and also ‘respect’ for the cities that do consider making excuses as city authorities. Research by Trouw shows that more than three-quarters of the Dutch with a Surinamese or Antillean background find it very important to apologize for the slavery of the Dutch government.


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