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World Bank: As the airport’s recovery is under way, certain political figures in SXM are once again trying to undermine the sitting director.

World Bank wants to see continuity at the PJIA Sint Maarten Airport. Just as the airport’s recovery is getting under way, certain political figures have once again tried to pull the chair legs out from under the sitting director.

PHILIPSBURG- The World Bank urges the government of Sint Maarten for continuity when it comes to technical and managerial personnel at Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA). The Bank points out that it has the responsibility to provide recipients of funding with information on any issue that could affect a successful project implementation. Reconstruction In this context, the World Bank recently communicated with the government of Sint Maarten about the Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project. The Bank has emphasized that the presence of sufficient technical and managerial personnel at the Princ ess Juliana International Airport Operating Company (PJIAE) important. “In accordance with the project agreement, the government is responsible for ensuring the presence of necessary capacity at PJIAE during the period of project implementation,” the World Bank said in a thinly veiled warning. Hubbub The letter from the World Bank is in the light of political buzz about the position of airport director Brian Mingo, whose chair legs are again being blasted by certain politicians. Sint Maarten airport has been plagued for years by political interference in the various entities associated with the airport.

Wereldbank wil continuiteit zien bij luchthaven Sint Maarten

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