st maarten government judith roumou

When Is KPSM Police Going To Do Something About These Chicken Fckrs In And Out Of Peoples Yard. This Is How Disease Spread From Animal To Human

I thought they were stupid, cruel teenagers trespassing and grabbing fowls to torture and kill them. Now I’m hearing it’s worse. They are using then for gratification. Then they want to hide their faces. The only abuse going on is these boys with the chickens and the parents who let them run the street assaulting animals and people. If I hit them on my property I would be arrested. But they can jump in yards and assault humans and animals alike, until they jump in the WRONG yard. The police dept is FULLY aware of the assaults and abuse on animals, but God forbid they have to get off their fat asses for anything other than bribes. EVERY PERSON IN ST PETERS HAS A COMPLAINT, THE POLICE LAZY AND DOTIN.



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