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UPDATED LIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS: I just Spoke To Kendall Dupersoy, CEO Of TELEM. Workers Are Striking In Front Of The Government Building

1)The Telem workers are striking because they are unhappy about the new measures imposed by government.

2) Government as part of their new measures want to implement the 12.5% reductions as a part of the agreement with Holland.

3) Holland refused to send aid to St Maarten until certain measures were met, including a 12.5% in salaries of government workers among many other things.

4) I just spoke to Kendall Dupersoy CEO of TELEM and the person doing the implantation at TELEM.

5) Kendall Dupersoy says the workers have the right to strike, but he doesn’t see how striking is going to change anything.

6) The Dutch Sint Maarten had been squandering the Hurricane Irma Aid from Holland since 2018.

7) When the Sint Maarten government asked for Covid19 relief, Holland agreed to assist only if the Government and civil servants agreed to salary cuts.

8) Long after Curacao and Aruba conceded to the cuts in order to receive Dutch Aid, St Maarten refused.

9) Finally Prime Minister agreed to the terms, and even her own party members turned on her.

10) Silveria had no choice. The coffers are dry. There us NO MONEY! PARLIAMENTARIANS Christopher Emmanuel and Claudius Toontje Buncamper’s words CANNOT FEED YOU.


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