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Chapter 3 Articles 13-20: Netherlands & Dutch Caribbean New Border Agreement. Action Plan, Progress Committee Collaboration

Article 13
1. The responsible authorities of the countries work in an action plan
objectives for and method of carrying out border control. It also contains
plan of action an inventory of the agreements made within the framework of the implementation
must be recorded. In principle, this action plan is jointly each time
established for a period of three years by the ministers concerned by that
concerning the Caribbean country of the Kingdom and the Netherlands.
2. The Netherlands will make financial resources available for the action plans.
Article 14
The implementation of the action plans is discussed at least once a year by
the ministers concerned of the Caribbean country and the Netherlands.
Article 15
1. In each of the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom there is a progress committee that is responsible
has to monitor the progress of the implementation of the action plans.
2. Each progress committee consists of representatives of each of the participating, with
the border control responsible for implementing organizations and the relevant ministries of both the
concerning Caribbean country as of the Netherlands.
3. The progress committee advises the ministers concerned of the country concerned and
The Netherlands on the progress and implementation of the agreements made in the plans of
4. The progress committee meets at least twice a year and bids annually
January an interim or final report to the ministers concerned.
5. The members of the progress committee are appointed by the minister concerned,
suspended and fired. The chairman is nominated by the Minister of the Interior
Affairs and Kingdom Relations, after consultation between the Parties, appointed, suspended and
laid off.
Article 16
1. To prepare the progress committee as referred to in Article 15, a
working group set up.
2. Each member of the progress committee appoints a member for the working group.
3. The working group periodically monitors and discusses the progress of the implementation of the
plans of action, referred to in Article 13, paragraph 1, prepares the consultation of the
progress committeein Article 15 and draws up interim reports.
Chapter 5. Disputes
Article 17
1. If there is a difference of opinion about the implementation of the in, or on the basis of, this
agreements made, or with regard to the interpretation or application of this
protocol, this difference of opinion is discussed in the regular consultation forums for this
exist, and if necessary thereafter in the working group referred to in Article 16.
2. If the difference of opinion cannot be settled there, then the difference of opinion will
discussed in the progress committee, as referred to in Article 15.
3. If the progress committee cannot settle the difference of opinion either, this will be done
difference of opinion was discussed in a ministerial meeting between the ministers who decided the
concerns the Caribbean country in the Kingdom and the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations as referred to in
Article 14. If these consultations do not lead to a desired outcome for the parties involved
leads, the difference of opinion is presented to one or more by the parties
appoint mediators. Chapter 6. Final provisions
Article 18
Decisions regarding additions or amendments to this Protocol shall be made after consultation with the
affiliated parties, to be adopted unanimously.
Article 19
1. This protocol was agreed during the ministerial consultation of 4 February 2021 in
presence of all parties. This Protocol shall enter into force on the day after all parties
have signed this protocol and is entered into for a period of 7 years.
2. The Parties shall decide before 1 July 2026 on the extension of this Protocol for a period of
three years. After that, the parties decide on this every three years, for the first time in 2029, before 1 July
years on the renewal.
3. If a Party does not renew the protocol, the protocol shall remain with the other Parties
stand insofar as the content and scope thereof do not oppose this.

Article 20
The parties will evaluate the operation of this protocol for the first time after two years, then evaluate it
parties every three years the operation of the protocol. The results of an evaluation can
give cause to amend this Protocol with due observance of Article 18.
The Minister of Justice, Security and The Minister of Finance, Economic
Integration, Aruba Business and Culture, Aruba
The Minister of Justice, Curaçao The Minister of Finance, Curaçao
The Minister of Justice, Sint Maarten
The Secretary of State for the Interior and
Kingdom Relations also on behalf of the Minister of
Defense, Secretary of State for Justice and Security
and the State Secretary of Finance, Netherlands

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