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JVO Law Enforcement Meeting Of Dutch Caribbean Ministers 3 – 4 : RST Getting More Funding. 45 Million Euros Total For St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao . 30 Million For Prison

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The Kingdom is still developing in collaboration exchanged contacts, knowledge and expertise to work towards mediation and recovery mediation for victims and suspects. For the Caribbean Netherlands
this collaboration offers the possibility to safeguard restorative justice in work processes in the justice chain and ensures that professionals in the region meet
know how to find. Approval of budgets and annual accounts
The JVO is also the platform where annual plans, annual reports, budgets and the financial accountability of the joint services are discussed and
approved. For example, there were pieces from the RST (Recherche
Collaboration Team), the Law Enforcement Council, the Joint Court of Justice and the Attorney General’s Office Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.
During this JVO, a number of the other countries were again only partly able approve the 2020 and 2021 budgets of the common institutions. The Netherlands has an interest during the consultation of (timely) approval of these budgets repeatedly and emphatically emphasizes and will enter into further consultation with the countries concerned. Strengthen the rule of law During the JVO, the measures to strengthen the constitutional state that are part of the country packages that come with Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten have agreed. With the implementation of these measures are
the countries got off to a good start. It has been agreed that the follow-up actions will be taken out
these measures can be discussed during upcoming JVOs
on the agenda, insofar as it concerns Kingdom-wide agreements and the
progress of the Kingdom-wide working groups. The progress of the
land packages, including rule of law measures, remain an integral part
decision-making on liquidity support and is therefore a matter of
the Reich Council of Ministers.
As previously reported to the House, the Netherlands carries the land parcels
among other things structurally contributes to the expansion of sustainable
undermining approach, to strengthen the Aruban and Curaçao militias
and the Social Training Program for young people. The total annual
investment of the Netherlands in the rule of law from the land parcels concerns one
amount that rises to 45 million euros from 2025.

3 In addition, it stated
cabinet has a one-off amount of 30 million euros available for
the construction of a new prison and the structural improvement of it
prison system in Sint Maarten.
In addition, a large part of the investments from the land packages are aimed at
the strengthening of border control. This subject also receives attention
got through the baseline border security initiative that has been launched in recent years
various improvement proposals for strengthening border security
the JVO has submitted. To implement the measures in the
land parcels, the countries in the Kingdom on 4 February last
agreed protocol to strengthen border control; the new
The protocol is attached to this letter for the information of the House. The Netherlands
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is prepared to structurally deploy personnel from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee,
Dutch Customs and the Coastguard and the associated financial resources
available. These structural financial resources amount to € 30.5 million.
euro. In addition, incidental financial resources will also be available
are made for the benefit of local services in the Caribbean countries of
the kingdom.
Good and constructive cooperation between the countries in the Kingdom is in
these times of unprecedented importance. The very broad cooperation within JVO
relationship takes place and the new possibilities that the implementation of the
land packages, anchor this cooperation in the field of justice.
In addition, cooperation between the justice chains of the Caribbean parts of
the Kingdom of the Caribbean Netherlands is extra relevant because of its solidarity
with the countries and the small scale of the BES islands. For the Netherlands
clear that all four countries need each other for their own judicial task
to implement properly.
The Minister of Justice and Security,
Ferd Grapperhaus

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