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JVO Law Enforcement Meeting Of Ministers 2 OM Cariben: Prosecutors Trained In St Maarten, Aruba, Curacao, Police Data Sharing

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for data sharing in the public and private sector as well as for data sharing with third countries.
Since with the legislative process of the relevant Kingdom Act some years
will be involved, it was also agreed during the JVO that there will be an interim solution A broader basis for sharing police data will be sought
already possible. The importance of information coordination was also emphasized during the JVO, where
the focus must be on the further development of both local and
inter-island information exchange and the professionalization of information controlled work. During the JVO, the Netherlands indicated that JenV together will explore with the National Police how even more can be contributed to the inter-island aspect of information coordination.
Promotion of professional groups
The quality of the public ministries and the judiciary also stood out
on the agenda during the JVO. For example, the JVO expressed support for the process professionalization OM Cariben, including the project to be local annually train prosecutors (from the islands). In addition
agreements made about the law courses in Aruba and Curaçao,
so that graduates of the universities of Aruba and Curaçao have equal access
have to select and train for the professions of lawyer, judge and
public prosecutor in the Netherlands. These agreements promote the exchange of
these professionals within the Kingdom and contribute to the quality and
diversity of the toga professions. This also provides follow-up to the
recommendation from the policy review of article 1 of chapter IV
Kingdom Relations to focus more on local ownership of the
Caribbean countries.

At the initiative of Aruba, the process of coming was discussed during the JVO
to new Codes of Criminal Procedure. In the Caribbean countries and
for the Caribbean Netherlands, worked on identical and modern Codes of
Criminal proceedings, including the rights of victims and digital
investigative powers will be expanded. Ministers spoke during
the JVO reiterates its support for the importance of uniform criminal procedure law, and
decided to strive for consistent implementation legislation and a
joint moment of entry into force of the codes. All this with it
an eye for a level playing field in criminal proceedings for the public ministries,
judiciary and civilians in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.
Sanction application
There are various components in the field of sanction application during the JVO
illuminated. The Detention Task Force, an international working group, has explained how
it wants to set up partnerships and exchange knowledge and expertise
with regard to training, culture of treatment, (specialist) regimes and
The JVO has also taken note of the recently started collaboration on the
field of restorative justice, a topic throughout

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